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Updated on July 10, 2016
Property of Marvel Comics
Property of Marvel Comics | Source

There are many characters in CHAMPIONS that wear battle armor not unlike the world-famous Iron Man. Many of these suits are explained using a series of Multipowers -- one for Offensive Powers, one for Defensive Powers, and so on. That's great for one suit. It's also expensive as all get out.

What if your character has dozens of suits, just like Iron Man himself? A Multiform might make sense. A Summon, at a stretch, could work. But what if I told you there was a simple solution that makes logical sense and includes the whole list of Limitations you would have to get anyway?

How about taking a look at the Vehicle section?

E2 186, Vehicles and Bases, gives you the ability to make a Vehicle designed as a suit of powered armor. All of the Limitations one would expect are included in the very definition of a Vehicle, such as Independent Focus, and its characteristics make its abilities easier to define. Also, you can buy more for less. I would encourage GMs to limit the number of points that can be spent on each suit, just as you would limit the points of characters. For example, if you are using the 400-point limit for your heroes, it should apply for the suits as well.

Now, Iron Man has about 50 suits of powered armor. We're not going there. Tony is a very experienced character, with possibly a thousand points at his disposal. But a similar character can have a good number of suits using this method.

What we'll do is create a 400-point Vehicle based on the Mark-IV version of Iron Man's armor. While horribly low-powered, it gives a great example of how to create powered armor as Vehicles.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Sample Iron Man Mark-IV Armor
Sample Iron Man Mark-IV Armor
Sample Iron Man Mark-IV Armor | Source


The version above isn't designed with JARVIS included. If you have the points, here's an example of Tony's AI.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Jarvis for HERO 6th Ed.
Jarvis for HERO 6th Ed.
Jarvis for HERO 6th Ed. | Source

This way, I can buy 16 suits with an additional 20 points and simply vary them a bit. As long as I remain within the same 400-point limit, if that's the agreement with the GM, then I can have specialized suits just like Mister Stark himself.

The obvious limitation is that I would have to go back home and change into another suit if I wanted to change Powers. For example, my stealth suit might have to get switched up for my underwater suit for a particular part of an adventure. The suit as a Vehicle can be damaged and can need repair from time to time. Also, if I wanted a JARVIS for each of my suits, I would suggest that the GM calculate the costs of both the suits and the computers, then divide the complete total by five. It keeps things fair and balanced. In the above example, you would add the total cost of the suit (400) and the AI (123), then divide by five for the final cost (523/5=104.6, or 105).

This is a very tricky business for GMs. On the one hand, it's accurate and makes sense. On the other hand, one player gets dozens of characters. For the sake of realism, one can use this method. For the sake of fair play, this should be considered carefully and deemed a "rules rape" if the GM feels it will be abused.

Enjoy!! As always, leave your questions and comments below!


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    • William Corpening profile imageAUTHOR

      William Corpening 

      2 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Hyper-Man: I could only find your take on Superman. I love it. I had a one-shot game where everyone made up villains to kill Superman. My Supes was basically able to make up powers on the fly, to emulate the Silver Age Superman. He could, for example, combine powers to make new ones -- like his X-Ray Vision and Heat Vision to create an entirely new effect. While he had to fight a Red Sun-Eater, a Bizarro (who was made totally wrong, for the record) and a Lex Luthor, it was the Lex that won! How? Desolidification, Usable On Others At Range.

      Correction: I didn't scroll. I have your 400-point versions, I think, of the Justice League.

    • William Corpening profile imageAUTHOR

      William Corpening 

      2 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Also, the original version I made was Iron Man accurate. I cut this one down to make him a 400-point character. Also, I based much of this on what I could find online. Now I have the Official handbook of the Marvel Universe that details everything about the Mark-IV, so if you want to see what that would look like -- points notwithstanding -- ask me about it here and I'll whip it up.

    • William Corpening profile imageAUTHOR

      William Corpening 

      2 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Error Alert!! JARVIS' skill rolls weren't adjusted after I changed his INT. His rolls are not 19 or less. They're 15 or less. Sorry about the brain fart.


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