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ARMIKROG, a stylish claymation point an click adventure video game has a release date for August 2015

Updated on June 10, 2015

A new point an click adventure game by the creator of earthworm jim and pencil test studios coming this AUGUST!

EXCITING NEWS! for fans of the point and click adventure genre. During the modern day of gaming, there has been a serious lack of point of click adventures recently, I'm guessing developers thought that point and click adventures don't sell well. That's not true considering the walking dead series and every game Telltales games ever released, even Square enix jump on the bandwagon and released a similar styled game called life is strange. Honestly There's been very few titles releasing in the point and click genre like the secret of monkey island which was a re-release. Now there is a original game that was developed by Doug Tennapel, a video game veteran who worked on earthworm jim series for the super nintendo and sega genesis. That game is called Armikrog, Armikrog is a true point and click adventure game developed by founders of Pencil Test Studios Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield, in association with Doug Tennapel which he also was the designer of the game called the neverhood that was released for the pc in North America, and was released also on the playstation (Japan only). Armikrog is actually a spiritual successor to Neverhood that was released in 1996 and 1998 for the playstation version (japan only). The main character for that game is called klayman, a mute humanoid clay man. There was a sequel the neverhood called Skullmonkeys released in 1998 for the playstation 1, which was not in the style of a point and click adventure game but more of a 2D sidescroller (in the same style of earthworm jim). Armikrog has a main character that looks similar to the design of klayman from the neverhood series. The main character of Armikrog is called Tommynaut, he is a space explorer who crashed on a very strange planet and ends up being locked up in a strange forest called Armikrog and travels along with his talking dog called Beak-beak. There hasn't been a lot of advertisements for this game, there was only a audio release called boo hoo ha on youtube from the original composer Terry Scott Taylor the original composer for (the neverhood). You can check any updates on the official website as the official game will be released August 18 2015.

Armikrog gameplay Trailer

Armikrog artwork

Will you be playing Armikrog?

Will you be playing Armikrog?

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950k funds reached
Kickstarter funds reached for the pc/mac/linux version and expanded for the WII U, ps4 (console versions)


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