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About Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Updated on March 21, 2016
Call of Duty Black Ops shoot 'em up!
Call of Duty Black Ops shoot 'em up! | Source

Shoot 'em up gamers will not be disappointed with Call of Duty Black Ops 3. The four player cooperative online multiplay gaming option provides fast and furious gaming action that is sure to thrill committed players.

Call of Duty Black Ops III is a popular military game, featuring zombies, shoot outs and a variety of quests. This is the 12th game released in the Call of Duties franchise series and was issued in November 2015 as a follow on from Black Ops II which launched in 2012. The cooperative game play mode and fast pace of this edition make it ideal for online multiplay.

What is Call of Duty Black Ops 3 About

Call of Duty Black Ops I was launched in 2010 and developed by Treyarch. The game was published by Activision and available for Microsoft Windows, XBox, PlayStation 3 and Wii. This became one of the best-selling games ever, spawning the release of Blacks Ops II in 2012 and Black Ops III in 2015. The Call of Duty Black Ops game was developed on the software already used successfully for a number of Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games in the same series, with Black Ops I featuring a predominantly Vietnam-based storyline set in the late 1960s.

Every Call of Duty Black Ops game is single player, shooter format, with a comprehensive story and plot line. Players have access to weapons, including guns and knives and can kill using guns and grenades or use a knife to kill enemies close by in hand-to-hand combat. The player's in game character is a special forces operative on a mission behind enemy lines. This is an action-packed gaming experience, with plenty of challenges and speed for gamers of all calibre.

Which Version to Choose

Activision release a new version of their popular games in the Autumn, in plenty of time to take advantage of the Christmas buying market. Black Ops III was available for pre-order from a variety of retailers prior to the official launch date on 6 November 2015. There are a few editions of Black Ops III on release, these include:

Standard Edition

The basic no-extras version of the game, giving players options for single play or multiplay gaming. The game was released for Windows, XBox 1 and Playstation 4, with later and more limited versions released for XBox 360 and Playstation 3.

DeLuxe Version

This is a more expensive edition of the game, including game disks and access to digital game download, as well as a Season Pass to allow access to all content upgrades for Black Ops III.

Hardened Edition

This version of the Black Ops 3 release includes a variety of additional extras, such as limited edition game cards, steel case, with digital extras including extra multiplayer location set in a research laboratory in Nazi Germany, a Giant Zombies Bonus Map and access to custom weapons features. The Season Pass is not included with this edition and needs to be purchased separately, if required.

Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition
Buyers access all available extras with this expensive edition, plus an exclusive mini fridge and set of coasters. So, if you need a mini cooler to keep drinks chilled while you play Black Ops 3, this is the version of the game you'll need!

If Black Ops 3 is one of many games you enjoy playing you're probably advised to buy the Standard Edition of the game only. If this game is one of your main playing activities and you plan on buying the Maps in future, you're better advised to purchase an edition of the game that incorporates the Season Pass so you can take advantage of all the future available content.

Some Highlights of Previous Call of Duty Gaming

Fans of the Call of Duty franchised games will have enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 which is a great game for online multiplay, giving loads of options for warfare and killing your friends. The World War storyline of this game has impressive features and it's fairly easy to make your own montages to post on YouTube.

Call of Duty World at War was the first game to feature the zombies. It was a highly popular addition to the game which revolutionised war game playing in many ways. The Zombie story was added to Black Ops stories and features strongly in Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 3. The zombie story in Black Ops 1 was not the only improvement, additions included new maps, guns and the hidden secret Easter Eggs quests. The game had an Easter Egg addition featuring a map called Moon which could blow up the Earth if the correct four player game model was followed. The Easter Eggs are pretty complicated and players need to work out some features themselves, while the game developers will post a few hints on social media platforms, such as Twitter. Types of activities needed to complete quests include shooting trees, feeding dragons, blowing up locations and buildings. Some of the quest information and guidelines are included in the maps, other tips are within coded messages from the developers, and the first gamers to actually complete the quests will generally post videos on YouTube so it's then easy for others to follow suit.

Playing Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3 is a science fiction warfare game set in the year 2065 and features time travel, zombie drone air warfare and a world in crisis. Players and critics had expected this game to be set within our modern environment, so were pleasantly surprised at the ingenuity and added features of this sci-fi setting.

There are loads of Easter Eggs included in this game which can take hours to complete. The storyline is exciting and very fast. Players choosing the four player cooperative online game play will enjoy playing with friends and completing main missions or cooperative campaigns. When game play has been completed there is a Nightmare mode, which is a cooperative online zombie campaign and is very frightening. This new features adds even greater depth to the game for regular players.

The Black Ops 3 multiplayer is much better on customisation, giving players more guns and optics, but limited to only ten slots on each class. The online play is so fast paced because everybody has rocket boosters and jet packs giving abilities to fly. Players need really good reflexes to win. Like all games from this publisher it's essential to choose weapons wisely in order to achieve success. The Black Market in game store is a new feature, giving playrs on PS4, PC or XBox One abilities to purchase weapons and accessories on the black market within the game. Players earn Black Market credits when they do well in matches and can buy new weapon skins or purchase gestures and taunts. The taunts are a new feature, giving the player ability to turn and jeer at opponents within the game. The Black Market is a motivational addition to the game as it makes players work harder towards earning points and starting collections.

If you enjoy gaming and are familiar with the Call of Duty Black Ops series you will find this is enjoyable and is a game that doesn't need too much player commitment. There is not a massive or complex storyline to follow in this game, but players who want to become immersed within the story will find the campaigns offer this opportunity. It's a good all round action and shoot-up game for players who enjoy constant action and have developed the reflexes to play at high levels.

Games Publisher and Rating

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is rated for players over the age of 18 and controls are in place to limit purchases. The game is published by Activision Publishing Inc, 3100 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90405.

Downloadable Content

As already stated, purchasing the Season Pass with the game is the best way to access all downloadable content just as soon as it's released. Four map releases were issued in February March 2016, giving a general map overview and maps for multiplayer games Gauntlet, Splash, Skyjacked and Rise. Added downloadable content for Zombies named Der Eisendrache was also available. Additional content and map releases will be announced at later dates.

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Online reviews of Black Ops 3 are quite mixed, although the game received positive critical reviews on launch and has been a commercial success. Some reviews state the constant hops between single player mode and multiplay cooperative can be confusing and that Black Ops 2 narrative story line developments which seemed to break new ground in games playing had not been followed through. Other reviewers feel this is the definitive Call of Duty game to date, while some reviews state the game is lacking in inspiration. Reviews are all subjective and depend very much upon the reviewers interests.

Download Black Ops 3

It's possible to purchase downloadable versions only of Black Ops 3. Online outlets include the XBox Store and the Playstation Store.
You may find links to free downloads of the game when you search the web, however, need to be careful about any free software. Sources may lead to virus infections or malware corrupting your devices. Torrenting does allow users free downloads of a variety of games, but strictly speaking it is not a legal activity: as it's violates copyrights and gamers will find online gaming is unavailable with free downloads.


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    • Dawn Denmar1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dawn Denmar 

      2 years ago from United Kingdom


      Thank you. Good luck with your first blog post!

    • je-afterthoughts profile image


      2 years ago from Eagar

      I enjoy playing Black ops 3. I also use the PS4 system one piece of advice get a mouse and keyboard for it you will play a lot faster! it can take a wile to start getting proper score streak in game but just keep playing!


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