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About Flash Games

Updated on January 9, 2015

As the expansion of online gaming reflects the overall expansion of computer networks, many people play interactive flash games created for online and mobile applications. Even though their features are not as complex as console, arcade or Pc games, they can be just as addictive. Not only are there many different categories of flash games, such as action, adventure, sports and role-playing games, but these games have also been produced professionally with stellar graphics and sound, interesting stories and intuitive game play.


In 1996, the media free websites were improved by adding Macromedia Flash that gave an animated and interactive effect to the games. Software programmers recognized its usefulness and improved its functionality. In 2001 designers and software programmers focused on streamlining the most accepted web based online games such as “Tempest and Asteroids.” These games became popular but were criticized for being addictive. The program developers worked on remakes of other popular online games like “Sonic the Hedgehog,” and "Mario Brothers," which made online flash games even more interesting, so a great society of online game lovers appeared. Even though Flash had some problems in the beginning, especially on machines with lower performance capabilities, in 2004 “Flash MX” was introduced along with Action Script 2.0. This organized flash applications effectively with enhanced and modified media handling and features, creating a more user friendly experience.

Pros of Flash Games

Since flash files are designed to be viewed in web pages, flash deploys effectively through websites. This is a nice choice for people that want their games to be readily available on the Internet. Flash uses vector graphics and compressed sound files, so its file size is smaller than those of games developed on other platforms. The plug-in is required to view flash files in a webpage, and comes included with major browsers. Thanks to the plug-in, most people on the Internet worldwide view flash content. Using flash’s built-in features, people can connect with server applications that make multiplayer games, chats and high score lists possible. Flash is an easy program that people can learn and create games in a short time.

Cons of Flash Games

Flash underperforms virtually all other game development platforms in speed of code execution and graphics rendering. Game development platforms like Macromedia Director and Wild Tangent perform effectively but have large plug-ins. As a consequence, few people can view content without being forced to download the plug-in in addition to the game. Flash doesn’t provide native support for real 3D engines (the act of putting an image to a 3d Polygon). It has lack of operating system integration. That means it cannot easily talk to the local operation system to perform the actions such as browsing files on the hard drive when the person runs the game as a Projector file.

Adobe Flash Player

Flash games require the multimedia platform “Adobe Flash” which manipulates vector and faster graphics to supply animation of text, drawings and images. It holds bidirectional streaming of audio and video and catches user input via mouse, keyboard, camera and microphone. Its scripting object oriented language is named Action Script, as previously mentioned.


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