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Accept Your Own Adventure, Narrated Minecraft Map Download + Review

Updated on December 26, 2011
Just a little something I found in my grave.
Just a little something I found in my grave.

Accept Your Own Adventure is a minecraft adventure map, but not as we know it. This adventure map comes with voice narration in the form of sound files you play when you reach certain objectives. It's also based on a 'choose your own adventure' format, so the story you play through can and will change with your decisions. Two innovations in one map. Can we handle it? President Obama says yes we can. You, after all, are the great and famous 'Player Character'.

So, how does it work, and is it worth the 30 MB + download? Well you get over 33 sound files, so that shows some of the effort that went into the map right there. The map tells you what sound file to listen to at certain parts of the game. You have to pay attention however, especially if you just put all the files into a player like Winamp as the files will continue playing one after the other if you don't stop manually after each file. This probably sounds like common sense, but it's surprisingly easy to get caught up in playing the game and just let a bunch of sound files run before you realize nothing makes sense anymore.

The narrator is a computer bot, which makes the game sound like it's being narrated by Anonymous. Whether this is a good thing or not is up to you, I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me after a time, especially when I realized that the narrator is a character in itself rather like GLaDOS from Portal. This means that the narrator tends to be rather material and pretty condescending. It kept calling me 'well behaved', which struck me as odd until I started straying off the path, at which point the narrator was no longer pleased with my behavior and started some impressive passive aggressive whining. I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to say that putting too much trust in the narrator may be hazardous to your health.

So what's the gameplay like? In the initial stages of the map the narrator has you killing 'goblins', which translates to 'hitting jack-o-lanterns with a sword. This will probably strike you as stupid and pointless, but I'd urge you not to give up before you finish the first stage (or veer wildly off course,) which is where things get quite humorous and interesting.

All in all, I'd give this map a 10 / 10 for originality, humor and the ability to engage the player. This map not only entertained me, it surprised me, oh and it killed me maliciously at least once, which pretty much gives it a perfect ten in my books immediately.

Download Accept Your Own Adventure Narrated Minecraft Map


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      Fucking Bill 6 years ago

      :D awesome

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      lol 6 years ago


      jose angel 10 days ago

      hijos de puta me caguen todos

    • profile image

      jose angel 6 years ago

      hijos de puta me caguen todos

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      Juicy 6 years ago

      Cool I think I'll try it with my friends or should I do it myself?