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Achievement Unlocked! Games That Grow (or Drain) Your Life ;)

Updated on August 17, 2019
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Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Enthusiast. In search for truth, prosperity, wisdom, serenity, a life living worth it’s while..

Ready, set, Game! Almost everybody likes or even love games! Althrough out human history, mankind has been fascinated, grew up with, and some immerse themselves to it - that they live life as if it was their life’s purpose.. Games date back for as far as 5,000 yrs ago, different sources may say otherwise..

From bones, rocks, dice, cards, board, sticks, puzzles, ball to modern digital and online; spanning between physical and mental games; from strength, agility, flexibility, accuracy, sensual, logic, perception and creativity; simplest to complex; endurance, speed, intellect and even to the extreme fight to death, popular during the times of real arenas of gladiators.. Games has been there eversince to capture the peoples who engage in such art and sport; it says a lot about a civilizations’ time, culture and collective mindset.. There are a lot of games out there, it even is listed as one of the top billion dollar industries, with themes catering to seniors, young and millennials alike. But does it add value to our lives? It’s upto you, but I hope it does!

Almost everybody likes or even love games! .. does it add value to our lives?

Primarily, games were made to entertain, more-so while having fun, practicing and learning skills either physically, emotionally or mentally. At least that’s what i think and feel it was for :) As a pastime or an exercise for skill building, it was made to elevate somebody’s physique or mental state.

Eversince i was small and young, just like most people, i had and still have fascination for games.. i am lucky to have been born in the transition era of games, from physically-engaged to more visual-digital ones.. running and tag games were ‘in’ during my childhood, also stick and stones.. i sure hope those kind of games or similar ones are still practised today by the younger generation. It does not only physically exercise the child and hone specialized skills, speed and endurance, but it additionally promotes friendships and sportman-like character. I know most of you guys know that ;) if not, what a discovery aint it? Or at least get reminded..

As a pastime or an exercise for skill building, it was made to elevate somebody’s physique or mental state.

Transitioning to the digital and online era, i engaged, tried and some i still play; games that span from word, puzzle, logic, role-playing, adventure, fighting and racing.. But what i grew to like until now are games that i am passionate about.. Cars, characters, micro and macro management, role-playing, adventure, action, mind challenging, and games that explore possibilities, artistry and creativity; some of you maybe are nodding their heads to some of these already..

Getting games nowadays has gotten so easy, unlike decades ago, due to the internet. It’s so easy to get from a-lot of websites and engines such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo and eBay, and the likes. Games echo through very popular platforms also like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so many more.. Communicating with your game-friends and buddies get easy via WhatsApp or Messenger for enriched sharing or old school text from in-game chat. Games are themes in movies, series or in the ever popular Netflix. The internet names the most popular titles to date like Fortnite, Minecraft And Pubg. (I saw these already but dreaded to play, it looks so addicting coz it looks really good ;) There’s so much in the net you can choose ’til you drown..

A healthy dose of gaming can be very beneficial. The mere obvious reasons are stress-relief and practicing focus. Ooh boy, if you can see people how focused they are when playing their favorites ;) Also it can teach in a fun way strategic thinking, micro and macro management, but of course, there are a lot of variables in real life management; but somehow it can teach a thing or two about the basics :) Some may even inspire you to explore passions and businesses you can get into. The possibilities in games are almost endless.

A healthy dose of gaming can be very beneficial. The mere obvious reasons are stress-relief and practicing focus.

There is the other side of the coin, overly doing it can hamper ones personal growth if too much is given to it. Too much time can be spent, too much energy, or even too much money. Anything in life that is too much can be detrimental, so finding balance is key. How? There are a lot of ways you can gauge balance; but if i may suggest, it all boils down if it’s affecting your ‘real’ life already. Maybe it’s beginning to be too much. If it’s taking away time, energy, effort and money away from your work, studies and personal growth, or even maybe the deeper conscious and spiritual aspects of yourself; maybe it’s time to consider taking a li’l bit more time away from the screen :)

Am not about telling you what you should or shouldn’t play, but of course there are ratings, rules or guidelines, just make sure you follow them. As a parent, if you are, check on the games your kids are playing, they could be under-age. Just make sure that the games you and/or your child play add value to your life..

Games can enhance your life. It may give a sense of gratification and achievement in real or digital life (especially if you are a pro or an e-sport athlete). But for the rest of us, common people; all i wanna say in this article is finding balance, and draw the line if it’s being healthy or not for your life’s sake.. Happy and healthy gaming everyone! ;)


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    • Joey Guillermo profile imageAUTHOR

      Joey A Guillermo 

      7 months ago from Pasig City, Philippines

      Thanks brian for your comment ;)

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Great article :D


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