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Achievements: Dead Rising 2: Come On! Follow Me!

Updated on August 15, 2011

The Day 1 Survivors are safe and sound in the Safe House. But let's take a step back into Day 1 to talk about a slight change in strategy to get the "Come On! Follow Me!" Achievement where you have to escort 8 survivors at once.

Prerequisites. Before you attempt this strategy, you have to complete the following:
- Either have tamed or killed Snowflake before giving Katey her first zombrex
- Must complete Case 1
- Must complete the Message, "One Man's Trash"

Reasons: You need to deal with Snowflake in order to get Lenny to join. The other two count toward the Survivor Total Limit you can have in the game at any one time.

Start early. Unlike the previous strategy, do not rescue Lenny Mooney from the Yucatan just yet. Return to the Safe House with Denyce Calloway and Snowflake(if tamed) as you have to return in order to give Katey her dose.

9:00 AM. The time the game skips forward to after giving Katey her dose. Don't rescue LaShawndra and Gordon Dawkins just yet. Head to Fortune Park, go to the designated mark on your map in the Platinum Strip and talk to the Looter behind the caged fence a few times to complete "One Man's Trash". Go to the Fortune City Hotel and complete Case 1.

10:00 AM. Since Case 1 ends at the Safe House, it is okay to assume that it is about this time. If you get the Message "Short Sighted" before going to the Safe House, even better as you don't have to go outside the Royal Flush Plaza for that message to spawn.

Now, recruit LaShawndra and Gordon. Head to "SporTrance" as it has the only zombie-free staircase to the second floor. Go to the "Children's Castle" and talk to Esther several times to recruit her. Even though you should have the Leadership Magazine, I carry her anyway as carrying a survivor makes you nearly untouchable by zombies.

Head to Fortune Park and go down the Platinum Strip. You can park your survivors inside the "Dining at Davey's" Diner and close the doors. There are no zombies inside there and so it is a safe place to put them. You can call the survivors all you want, but they can't open doors. Recruit Chad Elchart and lead him to his wife and recruit her.

Take those two back to "Dining at Davey's" and open the doors. Lead your survivors across Fortune Park and the Silver Strip to enter the Yucatan Casino. Go to the Lounge that is behind the Bar Area, here is Lenny. Park your five survivors here and talk to Lenny. Once he's outside, close the door behind you and follow Lenny while killing/avoiding Zombies. When he activates the Slot Machines and recruit him, take him back to your other survivors and open the door. Sometimes, they will try to exit through the other door which is closed, just keep calling them and show some patience. Once they are all outside head to the Palisades Mall.

11:00 AM. Doing all of this, it should easily be passed this time and the message "Welcome to the Family" should be in your log. Before approaching Kenneth Walsh and Jack Ellis inside "Shanks". I parked my six survivors inside the nearby Maintenance Room(with some difficulty). After killing the nearby zombies and recruiting Kenneth and Jack, the Achievement is yours. What you do with your eight survivors at this point is up to you.


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