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Achievements in Alcatraz, Mob of the Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015

There are ten Achievements in Alcatraz, MOTD. All of the Achievements have specific actions that must take place. The majority of these Achievements are easy to complete. The most difficult is 'Pop Goes The Weasel', which requires you to complete the Easter Egg.

The 10 Achievements

  1. Full lockdown
  2. Making the rounds
  3. GG Bridge
  4. Feed the Beast
  5. No one escapes alive
  6. Acid Drip
  7. A burst of flavor
  8. Paranormal Progress
  9. Trapped in time
  10. Pop goes the Weasel


Full Lockdown

Description: Brutus Completes his patrol.

In order to complete this Achievement you have to allow Brutus to attack all of your usable items on the map. This includes boarded windows, perks, Building Stations, the Mystery Box, and the plane.


  1. Ensure all of the Perk Machines have been activated.
  2. Have Brutus chase you throughout the map.
  3. He will stop at the items and attack them.
  4. Go to every part of the map with him chasing you.
  • In order to use these items again you will need to spend 2000 points to unlock them.
  • I accomplished this Achievement by mistake. We boarded the plane as Brutus appeared on the Roof. While we were on the Bridge he continued to run around the map smashing everything.


Making The Rounds

Description: Complete the cycle 3 times.

This achievement is easier than it sounds. In order to unlock it you will need to fly to the Bridge three times in one game. There is no requirement for how long you will need to stay on the Bridge.


  1. Collect the plane parts
  2. Build the plane
  3. Travel to the Bridge three times


GG Bridge

Description: Survive an entire round on the Bridge on round 15 or higher.

The description is very specific for this Achievement. You must take the plane to the Bridge and then survive an entire round. Make sure the round starts after you landed on the Bridge and ends before you use the Electric Chair.


  1. Build the plane
  2. Fly to the Bridge
  3. Start a round while on the bridge - it must be 15 or higher
  4. Survive until the end of the round


Feed the Beast

Description: Obtain Hell's Retriever

This is an Achievement that most players will receive during their first couple of games on Alcatraz. You need to feed the three wolfs that are located in the Cell Blocks, the Docks, and the Infirmary. Once you pick up Hell's Retriever in the Citadel Tunnels you will unlock the Achievement.


  1. Feed Zombies to the 3 wolves
  2. Pick up Hell's Retriever in the Citadel Tunnels


No One Escapes Alive

Description: Execute the escape plan

The escape plan is written on the walls. Basically, in order to unlock this Achievement you will need to fly the plane to the Golden Gate Bridge.


  1. Find the plane parts
  2. Build the plane
  3. Fly to the Bridge


Acid Drip

Description: Convert a weapon using a kit.

The kit they are referring to is the Acid Gat Kit. In order to unlock this Achievement you must first build the kit in one of the three Building Stations. Then you will need to get the Blundergat. Finally you will insert the Blundergat into the Acid Gat Kit. When you remove the Acid Gat you will get the Achievement.


  1. Find the parts to the Acid Gat Kit
  2. Build the Acid Gat Kit
  3. Get the Blundergat
  4. Put the Blundergat in the kit
  5. Take your Blundergat from the kit


A Burst of Flavor

Description: Kill 10 zombies at once with a new beverage

The new beverage is Electric Cherry. You can find this perk on the top level of the Cell Blocks. When you reload your weapon you will emit an electric field. This field can kill zombies in the area.


  1. Activate Electric Cherry
  2. Buy Electric Cherry
  3. Kill 10 zombies with Electric Cherry by reloading your gun.
  • This Achievement is easy to unlock in early levels. In later levels Electric Cherry will only stun zombies unless they received a lot of damage.


Paranormal Progress

Description: Open a door without spending points.

There is no big secret to unlocking this Achievement. There are several doors on the map that can only be unlocked while in Afterlife.

  1. Find a door that can't be bought
  2. Go into Afterlife
  3. Go through the portal
  4. Shoot electricity at the Volt Meter


Trapped in Time

Description: Use and upgrade all traps before round 10.

Don't be fooled by the description. Only the Tower Trap has the ability to be upgraded.


  1. Activate the Fan Trap
  2. Activate the Acid Trap
  3. Activate the Tower Trap
  4. Go into Afterlife
  5. Shoot electricity at the Volt Meter on the Tower Trap


Pop Goes The Weasel

Description: Break the cycle.

This Achievement will take the most time. You will need to first complete the Easter Egg. During the last step of the Easter Egg Weasel will need to win in order to Break the Cycle.


  1. Complete the steps of the Easter Egg until you take the plane in Afterlife
  2. Let Weasel win


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