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Act Two Achievements Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on June 6, 2012

This guide will cover the various achievements players can earn through the Act II of the campaign of Diablo 3, including cooperative, listing them along with their description and information on how to unlock each.

**Spoiler Warning**
Some of these achievements may give away certain plot points or secrets of the game. Proceed with caution.

**WIP** This page is being actively worked on and will be updated with more information, sections and pictures with time.

ACT II Campaign Achievements

These are all achievements in Diablo 3 which are related to undertaking quests, killing bosses, collecting items and generally exploring everything that the second act has to offer.
Note: You can also find details on the cooperative variations here.


*NOTE: (CO) means coop version available.
[NO] = Normal Difficulty, [NM] = Nightmare, [HL] = Hell, [IN] = Inferno


  1. The Coven Overthrown
  2. Murderer. Torturer. Monster.
  3. The Lord of Lies (CO)
  4. A Miner's Gold (CO)
  5. Lair of the Lacuni (CO)
  6. The Rygnar Idol (CO)
  7. The Restless Sands (CO)
  8. Guardian Spirits (CO)
  9. Crumbling Vault (CO)
  10. Prisoners of Kamyr (CO)
  11. Shrine of Rakanishu (CO)
  12. Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab (CO)
  13. The Jewel of the East
  14. Just Deserts
  15. Unparallelled Splendor
  16. The Bone Collector
  17. Navigating the Labyrinth
  18. Nooks and Crannies
  19. Wanderer of Caldeum
  20. Judge of Character
  21. Eavesdropper
  22. Historian of Caldeum
  23. Beastmaster of Caldeum
  24. Wheel of Misfortune
  25. The Black Soulstone

The Coven Overthrown

Kill Maghda.
*4 Variations available, one for each softcore difficulty.

  • Kurastian Banner Shape [NO]
  • Scarabs Banner Accent [NM]
  • Small Hearts Banner Pattern [HL]
  • Maghda Banner Sigil [IN]

The boss fight with Maghda takes place towards the end of the quest City of Blood. She is a relatively easy boss on most difficulties, easily ranged and pretty squishy.

Murderer. Torturer. Monster.

Kill Zoltun Kulle.
*4 Variations available, one for each softcore difficulty.

  • Grim Banner Shape [NO]
  • Key Banner Accent [NM]
  • Large Waves Banner Pattern [HL]
  • Zoltun Kulle Banner Sigil [IN]

The boss fight with Zoltun Kulle takes place towards the end of the quest the Black Soulstone. Technically you're fighting Kulle and his two mini boss companions, whom can generally be more challenging than Zoltun considering how hard they can hit. Possibly also double as massive walking shields considering they're liable to walk in the path of any ranged attacks you send his way.

The Lord of Lies

Kill Belial.
*8 Variations available, one for each softcore and co-op difficulty.

  • Liberated Shape [NO]
  • Crossed Axes Banner Accent [NM]
  • Crossed Banner Pattern [HL]
  • Belial Banner Sigil [IN]
  • Pentagram Banner Sigil [IN] (CO)

The boss fight with Belial takes place towards the end of the quest the Lord of Lies, which is also the end of Act II. This can be quite a journey on the harder difficulties, thanks to being the first boss with more than one distinct phase of combat.

A Miner's Gold

Complete the A Miner's Gold event.
*Co-op version also available.

This event is a random spawn found within the Howling Plateau of Act II. In this event you will need to help a crazed miner retrieve a resplendent chest while udner attack by several waves of fallen demons.

A Miner's Gold Event Guide

Lair of the Lacuni

Complete the Lair of the Lacuni event.
*Co-op version also available.

This event is found within the Abandoned Minefield, a randomly spawning dungeon which is in the Howling Plateau of Act II. In this event you are tasked with rescuing a group of stranded Iron Wolves who are trapped fighting the Lacuni. As you rescue the soldiers, they will join you to help fight the remaining demons until you and the surviving group is forced to tackle one last wave led by a unique monster.

Lair of the Lacuni Event Guide

The Rygnar Idol

Complete The Rygnar Idol event.
*Co-op version also available.

This event is takes place in one of several randomly spawning dungeons that all share the same spawn points in the Stinging Winds region. This event which essentially encompasses the entirety of the dungeon, has you helping a treasure hunter by the name of Poltahr recover an ancient artifact thought lost to time. There is also a journal available in this event.

The Rygnar Idol Event Guide

The Restless Sands

Complete The Restless Sands event.
*Co-op version also available.

Taking place in the Stinging Winds, you are tasked here with assisting the Necromancer Methan with destroying spirits he has trapped in his journey through Caldeum. This is one of two possible, help a necromancer out type of events, both of which serve as cameos for the now unplayable, but once most popular character class of previous Diablo games.

The Restless Sands Event Guide

Guardian Spirits

Complete the Guardian Spirits event.
*Co-op version also available.

The Guardian Spirits event that takes place in the Stinging Winds will have you assisting a Dying Necromancer, finish his task of destroying a vengeful spirit he was tracking down before being mortally wounded when the Coven intervened. This is the second of the two necro cameos in Diablo 3. Here's to hopes that they come back as a playable character type sometime.

Guardian Spirits Event Guide

Crumbling Vault

Complete the Lair of the Lacuni event.
*Co-op version also available.

This event is found within the Stinging Winds, as a randomly spawning dungeon which shares a spot with three others. This event has you running through a time dungeon, trying to make it to the treasure at the end before the portal to it closes. Besides being unorthodox due to the time limit, the restrictions on your progression through this dungeon force some interesting psychological challenges on the player, unless you have a partner to help you game the system. :)

Crumbling Vault Guide Event

Prisoners of Kamyr

Complete the Prisoners of Kamyr event.
*Co-op version also available.

This event takes place in the Dahlgur Oasis and tasks you with cutting your way through a Fallen encampment to rescue a group of guards how have been tied up and taken captive. There are four guards all together, rescuing the first of which starts the event. One of several large tiles that can spawn in the oasis region.

Prisoners of Kamyr Event Guide

Shrine of Rakanishu

Complete the Shrine of Rakanishu event.
*Co-op version also available.

Here you will be fighting Disciples of Rakanishu which are basically miniature versions of the famous unique Fallen. These enemies will spawn from summoning totems which you must take out in order to bring an end to the demonic ritual taking place. Ironically, Rakanishu himself does not make an appearance at his own ritual event, instead opting to appear elsewhere in the game...

Shrine of Rakanishu Event Guide

Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab

Complete the Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab event.
*Co-op version also available.

This event which takes place in the Dalhgur Oasis has you searching an ancient and deadly tomb for long lost treasure. This is one of two lost tomb events that take place in the Oasis, this being the larger of the two. The other, The Lost Treasure of Sadar, does not have an attached achievement, however presents just as nice loot rewards.

Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab Event Guide

The Jewel of the East

Explore the following areas of Caldeum.

  • Caldeum Bazaar
  • City of Caldeum
  • Flooded Causeway
  • Gates of Caldeum
  • Hidden Camp
  • Imperial Palace
  • Ruined Cistern
  • Searing Sands Inn
  • Sewers of Caldeum
  • The Wretched Pit

There will eventually be guides for each location, however for now, most of these spots are found spread throughout the act, but you will pass through most if not all during a regular playthrough. These locations are not grouped by quest, but more relate to spots you'll travel through during the entire Act that make up the more important or central parts of Caldeum.

Just Deserts

Explore the following areas of the Stinging Winds.

  • Alcarnus
  • Black Canyon Bridge
  • Black Canyon Mines
  • Howling Plateau
  • Lair of the Witch
  • Road to Alcarnus
  • Secret Altar
  • Stinging Winds
  • Sundered Canyon

These 9 locations are passed through leading up to and on your way to killing Maghda in the quest The City of Blood. All of these are places you have to pass through during natural quest progression, thus guaranteed to unlock unless skipping with the help of a friend or other players.

Unparallelled Splendor

Explore the following areas of the Dahlgur Oasis.

  • Ancient Path
  • Dahlgur Oasis
  • Eastern Flow Control
  • The Forgotten Ruins
  • Path to the Oasis
  • The Forgotten Ruins
  • Waterlogged Passage
  • Western Flow Control

8 locations for you to find on your way to finding the remains of Zoltun Kulle, starting with the quest Betrayer of the Horadrim and leading up to Blood and Sand.

The Bone Collector

Explore the following areas of the Desolate Sands.

  • Cave of the Betrayer levels 1-2
  • Desolate Sands
  • Vault of the Assassin

Four locations that don't really take all that much time to uncover. These will be found during the last half of Blood and Sand. The Cave of the Betrayer and the Vault of the Assassin are both guaranteed spawning, quest related dungeons which both spawn in the Desolate Sands.

Navigating the Labyrinth

Exploring the following areas in the Archives of Zoltun Kulle.

  • Archives of Zoltun Kulle
  • Realm of Shadow
  • Soulstone Chamber
  • The Storm Halls
  • The Terminus
  • The Unknown Depths

Here you have the series of locations you'll be traveling through during the Black Soulstone pretty much up until the final quest, Lord of Lies.

Nooks and Crannies

Explore the following dungeons in Act II.
Unlocks the Desert Sun banneer sigil.

There are 39 locations in total to find for this achievement. A list along with guides for each is in development. Most of the dungeons on this list spawn randomly and will take several runs of many different locations in order to visit them all. Out of the locations achievements, this is the one you have to go the most out of your way for, considering you don't really have to go out of your way at all for the others.

Wanderer of Caldeum

Unlock the following Act II exploration achievements listed below.
Unlocks the Horses banner accent.

  • The Bone Collector
  • The Jewel of the East
  • Just Deserts
  • Navigating the Labyrinth
  • Nooks and Crannies
  • Unparallelled Splendor

An achievement for unlocking all the other "visit location X" achievements in the Act II category, granting you some extra achievement points for being such a completionist and adding a banner accent on top of that.

Judge of Character

There are 35 people lore books in act II, many of which can come from random spawning dungeons or events and can take some significant searching in order to collect them all. The guide is split into three parts, however you can find an index of all three in each section, including the first part linked bellow.

Judge of Character Journal Guide


Read the following quest lore books in Act II.

There are 14 books to collect in this category, covering a lot of information relating about the three bosses, Zoltun Kulle, Maghda and Belial, and the actions they are taken or have taken in the city and its surrounding areas.

Eavesdropper Journal Guide

Historian of Caldeum

Read the following World Lore books in Act II.

There are 13 books to collect in this act of Diablo 3, covering the history of Caldeum, significant structures that exist within it, those who contributed to its growth and background information on how Hakan II came to power.

Historian of Caldeum Journal Guide


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