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Activision confirms new DJ Hero 2 release

Updated on January 16, 2010

DJ Hero 2

CEO of Activision: Bobby Kotick is ecstatic to release DJ Hero 2. The popular DJ Hero game released back in Oct 2009 is set for sequel despite lackluster sales. In the Guitar Hero dominated world (to the tune of 2 billion dollars), there is a re-focus from Kotick.

In this oversaturated market of music type of games, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DDR, etc - it's hard to distinguish oneself from the pack. Even though, the thought of having a live turntable and being able to mash up different songs from the likes of Jay-Z, Queen, Daft Punk, Eminem and mixes from DJ Am and Grandmaster Flash, it was still not viable in a big way like the predecessor. So rather just do a quick sequel, Kotick aims to focus on the quality aspect - he claims that is missing for the most part. He feels that this time he will indeed succeed with DJ Hero 2. According to Kotick, "We're sticking with it," he said. "We'll stick with it and get it right." To address the problems of the oversaturation of the rhythm genre in gaming: "It's going to be less games, better games. That's our strategy."

For more info check out,

DJ Hero footage


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