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Adrift! Minecraft Survival Map

Updated on November 8, 2011
Adrift, with a few modifications from the captain and myself.
Adrift, with a few modifications from the captain and myself.

I've always admired those with the design wherewithal to build ships in Minecraft, and this map allows you to actually live on a ship set adrift on the high seas. This is a great twist on other survival maps that put you on little islands because it emulates an entirely different set of survival conditions. Sure, survival is easy enough when you can go about hacking down trees and digging into the earth, but are you ready to keep yourself alive in a leaky tub?

I sure was. I downloaded the map with the sort of glee that only comes with having recently re-watched Pirates of the Caribbean and imagining myself to be Captain Jack Sparrow.

The only mildly annoying thing is that it's one of those maps that asks you to 'read entries' and the entries themselves aren't immediately obvious. (They're to be found on the relevant minecraft forum thread, as it turns out.) This is because minecraft still has no graceful message system, in spite of the fact that several mods have already been developed for the purpose. Oh, and it appears to be packaged in the old Alpha / Beta format with all the gazillion folders, so it needs to be converted before it's played. The game does that automatically, so there's no real hardship there.

If you want the full experience, read the entries. I disregarded them on account of the fact that I don't play survival maps with a storyline in mind. Also, there are at least sixteen entries and who has time for that much reading in their lives, I ask you? Why, we might as well be curling up with a good book, not bumbling about a pretend ship wondering what to do with a sole sapling.

The high point of the map was discovering that my ship came equipped with dispenser cannons. The fact that it didn't have sails paled into irrelevance at that point in time. The lower point came when I had to go back to read the entries to find out what the creator had in mind when they created a boat with just one block on it. Long story short, you're supposed to find some hidden ballast to get to the sea floor and from there you can harvest dirt and turn your ship into a floating island of life. Or you could, you know, spend the rest of your days fishing from the rail and hallucinating. The choice is yours really.

If you're looking for something a little different, something with a modicum of story and a challenge that doesn't revolve almost entirely around not falling off a small block of dirt into the void below, then Adrift might just be the minecraft survival map for you.

Download Adrift! Minecraft Survival Map


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