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Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

Updated on September 16, 2010

Video Games

    Video games

Ø      Advantages:

      Our concentration power grows up.

      Our presence of mind grows up.

      Mind becomes very sportive.

      It is also a good relaxation better than sleeping.

       We get the practice to face the future difficulties in life.

      We had the opportunities to know about all types of games.

      We spent very less time to learn the games with the help of these play stations, on comparing with the outdoor games.

      By playing the same game many times, we had the opportunities to know the shortcut and trick to win.

      We got a little bit satisfaction when we won in games.

      This gives us the inspiration to win in my life also.

Ø      Disadvantages:

      We lack in our physical health.

      The rays exploded from those play stations are injurious our health.

      There is a possibility to become an addict to those games.

      We lack our neighbor’s contact.

      We can’t able to be live like a normal man.

      We can’t able to concentrate on the matters other than these games.

      It makes us like a man-machine.

      We have very less opportunity to play outdoor games with our friends.

      Though it gives a mental relaxation to mind, we live like an abnormal man.

       It is bane to our mind and boon to our body. 


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      Eddie Crouge 2 years ago

      Really good article, A little bit improvement and it will be all good to go.

      There are a lot of myths about gaming too. Few of them are mentioned here.

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      aasim 3 years ago


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      sex 3 years ago

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      jam 3 years ago

      needs to be im prooved

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      Johnf274 3 years ago

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      lee 3 years ago

      lol goooooooooooooood