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Adventure Time Finn Action Figure

Updated on May 28, 2013

This Adventure Time Finn action figure is a toy in a series of 10 inch Adventure Time action figures that was created by Jazwares. This series also includes Jake the dog as well as other popular characters associated with this cartoon show. Jazwares has also created other Adventure Time action figures as well as other Adventure Time toys, but I recommend this Finn toy because of the provided reasons below.

Reasons Why This Show Is Awesome

What's Included

  1. 10 inch Adventure Time Deluxe Finn
  2. 3 additional faces
  3. one removable backpack
  4. one removable sword.


I will separate my review based on appearance, poseability and accessories.


It is great if you only based it on appearance because it really resembles Finn from the cartoon show. From his green backpack, to his shirt and pants that are in shades of blue, you'll instantly amazed on how close its appearance is from the real thing. The sword provided even has those scratches and tears that you will also see in the cartoon show.


Even though it is advertised as super poseable, it is actually not as poseable as you might think even though it has a lot of joints or articulation. His legs and head can be moved like a a normal action figure because they feature joints. His arms on the other hand are made of rubber with a wire inside just like those bendable toys. The legs were cheaply made that one forceful bend will instantly break the joints. The wire inside his hands are prone to snapping. Its actually a problem most bendable toys have.


The provided accessories is really what makes this toy unique than the other toys available in stores. The 3 additional faces which include his happy, sleeping and angry face are useful for poses. The removable bag can be opened like a real bag. the sword is bendable which I find weird because swords even in the cartoon show are not bendable.

Video Review


Even though it is not that durable, it is still the best Finn action figure you can own as the alternatives are even worse. At least with this toy, you can have something that you can display and something good to look at. It is also quite cheap for its size as well as having additional accessories which other Finn toys does not have. Just display this toy in a pose you ultimately want and not move his pose again to minimize it from breaking apart.


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