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Quests in Dungeons and Dragons: House Phiarlan

Updated on August 16, 2018
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Armed elves are visible thoughout House Phiarlan.The elves have designed House Phiarlan around natural things, like the tree in the background, that's leaves are red all year long.House Phiarlan piper walks the paved streets near the gate between Stormreach Marketplace and House P.
Armed elves are visible thoughout House Phiarlan.
Armed elves are visible thoughout House Phiarlan. | Source
The elves have designed House Phiarlan around natural things, like the tree in the background, that's leaves are red all year long.
The elves have designed House Phiarlan around natural things, like the tree in the background, that's leaves are red all year long. | Source
House Phiarlan piper walks the paved streets near the gate between Stormreach Marketplace and House P.
House Phiarlan piper walks the paved streets near the gate between Stormreach Marketplace and House P. | Source

The Rogue's Guild

Anyone who has read stories about thieves and their notoriously dark guilds will find the Elven enclave, House Phiarlan, right up their shadowy alley. This public area is built around a carnival and amphitheatre. Festive NPCs promote amazing spectacles to delight the most daring thrill seekers. Though the shows are entertaining, and perhaps even historically enlightening, it's all a cover for darker pursuits.

The armed elf guards are peppered throughout the enclave stand in contrast to a supposedly merry and benign governance. Instead, for the player that wants his or her character to dabble in the dark arts and assassination, this is an area they will find themselves returning to often. Whatever legitimate endeavors go on here, behind them all are the elves who established this House to begin with. Sorcery, illusion, and deception are the assets the elves of "House P" bring to the nobility of Stormreach.

The enclave includes a mailbox, auction house, two taverns, and three pay to play adventure packs. The graphics and sound in this area rival those of Stormreach Harbor. It's a comforting sensation to hear the wind gently rustling the bright red leaves on the trees here. The accompanying music is relaxing, too. The peddlers and performers are dressed in brightly hued clothes and display feats of agility for onlookers.

The NPCs in House Phiarlan prefer dealing with more established characters, but some of them will pass along useful information or lore to the lowliest heroes. There is plenty of exploring to do, though many of the quests here, like in the other enclaves, are for players with access to pay to play adventure packs (players Premium or VIP). There are some very rewarding free to play adventures here, too. In fact, House P could be the most rewarding enclave where free to play quests for low-to-mid level toons are concerned. Below is a list and brief description of the free to play quests in DDO's House Phiarlan.

The House Phiarlan Carnival.
The House Phiarlan Carnival. | Source

Free to Play Quests in House Phiarlan

Rest for the Restless - Players must put to rest the son of a noblewoman. Afflicted with undeath, the son has become a skeletal warrior, a powerful and evil creature created with powerful magic. The underground chambers players must explore to find the undead son require two players working in tandem to open gates along the way. This quest is a good tool for beginner players to understand how DDO designs its dungeons around teamwork and cooperation between players.

Caged Trolls - This adventure introduces players to trolls, a common monster in DDO's Eberron game world. Getting to the troll's cages isn't too difficult, but a few rarer monsters could give solo players pause. The trolls themselves are battled in a controlled environment. Players can open the cages whenever they are prepared to battle the beasts, and also learning that fire is a very effective means of destroying these rubbery, regenerative creatures. Bringing someone skilled in disabling traps isn't required here, but every dungeon has bonuses for traps successfully disabled.

Purge the Heretics - Two of the major churches in Stormreach are bitter rivals. Players have the option during this bestowed mission to eradicate anyone who opposes them on their way to the hidden chapel, where the leaders reside. Good or lawful players might want to keep the casualties to a minimum. Whichever, this quest offers battle opportunity against humans, elves, and dwarves, and thorough explorers will find the rewards lucrative.

Minotaurs arrive to help defend their master's treasure in Gwylan's Stand.
Minotaurs arrive to help defend their master's treasure in Gwylan's Stand. | Source

Gwylan's Stand - This is a big and diverse quest zone. There are two parts, the first requiring players to collect eight cylinders which are used to accomplish the second part - sabotaging your enemies' supply crates. There are a slew of traps for rogues and artificers to disarm here, too. The opponents encountered are normally found in large groups. This means soloing this quest on any level above normal will prove difficult. Party adventurers should ready themselves for anything, including fights against organized monstrous humanoids capable of inflicting high damage per strike (DPS). The experience point rewards and treasure in Gwylan's Stand are outstanding.

The Tear of Dhakaan - One hobgoblin faction hires players to decimate another. If it weren't for the rewards in this quest, most DDO characters would have little interest in aiding a hobgoblin tribe. But, the payoff for running this quest with a full veteran party are amazing. To explore all of the Tear, characters with high strength, intelligence, and wisdom are all required. These stats must be high enough to overcome the magic devices that open the way to certain hidden areas inside the dungeon. First time explorers will enjoy getting to know this vast underground complex and perhaps experience frustration at the Arzag-Khor village located deep within.

The Faithful Departed - The Shrouded Vale has a burial place within its confines, called the Tomb of the Ancients. This tomb is where adventurers must travel to protect it from being desecrated by terrifying scorrow, a magical race of creature created by combining the attributes of drow elves and scorpions. These creatures deliver poison with their attacks, and the scorpions that accompany them do, too. This quest is much more challenging than most other level eight adventures.

Dungeonraider Tip: Don't use hirelings in The Faithful Departed quest. They will attack the creatures you were sent to protect, causing quest failure. Groups of adventurers working together will find this quest fun and doable.

The Spawn of Whisperdoom - This quest, attempted on elite level of difficulty with a full party, is one of the most exciting quests dungeonraider ever saw as an up and coming hero. It's a super tough challenge to complete it and still have everybody alive at the end. If you've ever wondered what it's like to wander the corridors and tunnels of an incredibly powerful spider's lair, then you'll love this quest. Less experienced adventurers should run this quest on casual before attempting it on higher difficulty settings - to learn what helpful magics they can apply to minimize damage and ease movement through the sticky webs.

There are also three pay to play adventure packs in House Phiarlan: Phiarlan Carnival, Tangleroot Gorge, and the Ruins of Threnal. Some players might want their characters to focus on earning House P favor points. Earning 75 of these gives players access to long-lasting magic buffs. This is a way players cut down on items and spell points used inside dungeons (House Jorasco provides similar buffs, though clerical in nature, instead of magical).

The entrance to the Necropolis is located at the far north end of the House Phiarlan enclave, found beyond the buildings and a good distance down a singular path. The Necropolis offers players the opportunity to purchase (or free for VIPs) another three quest packs, all of them centered around accepting missions from powerful clergy to take down some powerful undead. The Necropolis' Orchard is a favorite adventure spot for skilled high level adventurers.

The path from House Phiarlan to the Necropolis adventure zone.
The path from House Phiarlan to the Necropolis adventure zone. | Source

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