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Advice for Quiz Masters - How to make a quiz part 2

Updated on March 6, 2016
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Martin has been an avid quiz writer for over 10 years and has a successful pub quiz website that supplies pubs with weekly quiz nights.

Not Everyone Is An Einstein

Help! My Quiz Night Is Failing

Continuing from How To Make A Quiz part 1

I suggest you read that first to get the whole story, there is a link back to this tutorial at the end of that one so go ahead and read it if you haven't already.

Before I give you more advice on how to make a quiz more fun I want to tell you what I've seen so far by going to various pub quizzes and from searching the Internet on this subject.

I can't get my head around this, what sort of people are going to enjoy a quiz night that is made up of nothing more than 60 impossible quiz questions? I see it everywhere I look. No wonder people avoid quizzes like the plague. Not only that but the questions are just about impossible for most people to answer. After about 10 questions a lot of people get up and walk out, including me.

These quiz masters also think they are clever by having a 10 question quiz round where all the answers have a common theme. From what I have seen, and I've never been able to find such a quiz round like this that I can use by the way, you end with with the most inane and obscure questions trying to make this round work.

Forget the impossible quiz for the minority do a fun quiz for the majority.

In the last article I talked about ways to find fresh new and interesting but fairly easy quiz questions. In this article I'm going to talk about a round that every fun quiz should have and that's a picture round.

Again here lies another problem I've seen all too often at other pub quizzes. Other quiz nights I've been to have always done the same subject for their picture round, Famous Faces or some of them call it Celebrity Heads. Every week?

Quiz Masters need to get more creative, if they simply don't have the time to spare then they should visit my website, it's full of fun quiz ideas and it will at the very least inspire them to make quizzes more interesting.

My golden rule, that I set myself, is not to ever do the same subject in any given month if I can possibly avoid it. The only 1 thing I do the same each week is my 4th round which is a family fortunes style quiz or my other game show to finish off with called quiz gambit but that's for another article and I don't want to share that one with you just yet.

You need to sit down one day and think of subjects, to start with it will take a few minutes but once you get a few ideas written down the flood gates will open. To get you started here are a few of my picture round ideas to help you out.

Company Logos, Cartoon Characters, Movie Posters, Mr Men, Mystery Objects and Dingbats.

Now all you have to do is type in "cartoon characters" into Google search or Bing and click on images, voila, you are spoiled for choice. Download them and put 10 on an A4 sheet, number them using your favourite drawing program and print them off.

If you don't have the time you can download them from my website here: Picture Quizzes.

One of my regular quiz pack clients emailed me last week and said that for the first time ever he got a standing ovation.
How about that! The people in the pub actually stood up and gave him a round of applause for doing a really good fun pub quiz. I always, always get a round of applause at the end of one of my pub quizzes.

You can have this kind of success too. Make your quizzes varied, unpredictable but most of all keep the quiz lighthearted and don't take it too seriously.

I've gone to the trouble of putting one of my complete pub quizzes here on hub pages so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about, click here: Fun Pub Quiz

My quiz packs come with bonuses to add an extra bit of fun to the quiz making for a more complete nights entertainment, not just questions. Jokes, funny sayings and strange trivia to name a few.

If you are finding my hubs are helping you out and are inspiring you to host a fun pub quiz night then Follow Me and you will be notified when I publish my next article.

Thanks for reading and please don't forget to vote, it means a lot to us Huber's.


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    • The Quiz Master profile image

      Warren 21 months ago from England

      Thanks very much Dave, I hope your pub clients are loving the quizzes!

    • profile image

      Dave pub landlord 4 years ago

      The information you give in your hubs is top notch.

      I visited your website and downloaded one of your quiz packs.

      Your pub quizzes are awesome!