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Age of Zombies Stage Clear Walkthrough

Updated on August 24, 2011

I downloaded this game today and loved it immediately, I have played other games of Halfbrick and this one is just as good as the others.

Age of Zombies is a shooting game, the man uses different weapons and bomb and towers to kill all the zombies and clear the stage.

From the beginning of the game, we can see there are 5 big stages and each has 3 small stages inside. And this walkthrough is to go over all the stages and focused on the Boss Fight which is the last small stage of each big stages.


This stage is much like a tutorial stage, which teach you how to move and shoot, how to use the bomb,and use different weapons.

It is quite easy, most zombies in this stage can be kill by only one bullet, only the big ones can survive for more bullets, but it is also no difficulties.


This stage is quite the real beginning of the game, but also has no difficulties, the only different from the 1-1 is the amount of the zombies, so all we need to do is to keep moving and shooting and kill them all!!!


This is the first Boss stage, the boss here is a huge dinosaur, fortunately his speed is quite limited, so we can just walking around him and keep shooting him, just remember he has only one skill which will set fire all around him and meanwhile his speed will accelerate immediately.

Watch out this one, and be careful with the zombies, we can easily handle this stage


This is the second world, we change the map to some where like western America.

The amount of the zombies increase much in this stage, so we should use all the items together to kill as many as the zombies.

And some of the zombies like bomb will explore after shot, so we need take advantage of them to kill many zombies.


Much like the former stage, but the map has less place to escape from the zombies, we need to avoid being cornered by the zombies, use the bridge well to keep the distance away from the zombies.

Large zombies appear now, we need to shoot them several times in order to kill them.


The second Boss stage, the boss is in the car, and we should be careful since the car will throw out bombs and also shoot bullets towards to you.

Keep an eye on the different attack methods and kill all the zombies appear around, we can defeat the Boss easily.


Here we come to the Egypt, and new mummy zombies come out to attack us, some of the zombies move quite fast, and the zombie amount is quite stunning.

Bomb become useful since this stage, throw the bomb directly to the zombie crowd, this can deal the most damages to them.


The map is quite narrow, and the zombie army will come all around the map, my tip here is to kill the zombies of one direct, clear them so we can make a safe path to escape from the zombies from other direct.

And also, use the special weapons carefully, do not waste the bullets since they can clear the zombies quickly for us.


Again, we face the boss stage.

The boss of the Egypt is certainly a Pharaoh zombie, it will shoot bullets straight to us, and attack the area around him.

But fortunately the Boss will stay at one place and not move, this decrease the difficulty of this Boss.


This stage we come to the Japan, there will be the new zombies like ninja, some of them will also shoot out the darts to us.

The most difficult part of the game so far I think is the increasing amount of the zombies, and also the decreasing area of the map, how to avoid the zombies to surround us become a big problem.

Honestly I lost several lives in this stage.


The Samurai Zombie Boss of Japan, this one is quite hard to defeat, in my personal view, I believe it is harder than the final boss since he moves really fast and his sword hearts a lot.

All we can do is leave as far as possible to him, and shoot him far far away to reduce his HP.


Is quite like the former stage, only have some newly looking zombies, just be careful and we can handle the stages.

And there we come to the Final boss of the game.


The final Boss is the one in the picture, he will appear from different squares in the pictures.

His attacking methods are quite different, he will shoot like the Pharaoh Boss, and he also will attack the surrounding area, most important, he will send invisible missiles to us, so we need to keep moving, otherwise we will just lose life.

This Boss takes only time, and after that, we beat the story mode.

Howard's Opinions:

The story line seems a little bit too short, and the Boss fights are too easy, several bosses are even no difficulties.

But this is still a good game, since it has much more funs in the survival mode.


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