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Aion Macro: How To Open Bundled Items Fast And More Easily In Batch

Updated on September 26, 2013
An AION wallpaper.
An AION wallpaper.

Aion And In-Game Macros

Aion, this popular Korean MMORPG with thousands of faithful gamers from all over the world, allows the user to program particular character actions into a sequence, which can be saved into one icon and thus will require only one click to initiate.This specific characteristic is called a Macro and is an interesting way for gamers to group a number of processes on one step only, allowing for further customization and ease of gameplay.

Typical game macros are the attacking ones. Gamers will set up a macro which contains the basic skills, along with a time delay between them so they all are completed, then let their characters attack monsters or other players by press of a key only. Even though it can be convenient to attack using such macro, most players avoid them because they tend to mess up due to lag, terrain obstacles or other kinds of problems which can occur during battle.

However, many macros can be created for convenience on other actions, such as battle preparation (initiating support skills before entering a fight), gathering ground materials (essencetapping) or aether (aethertapping), or opening a bundled item into lower quality one.

The latter is a good way to experiment with a macro, see how it is created and how it is ran. Let's see what we got here.

Opening A Bundled Item

In order to open a bundled item the gamer needs to right click the item and wait for 3 seconds while the small bar fills in. When the action is done, 1 higher quality material produces 3 lower quality in the character's inventory. The user then needs to repeat it until all high quality materials are gone. This can take long time and can get frustrating because of constant requirement of clicks from the gamer.

By creating a macro command for it, we will instruct the character to initiate the action, then wait, then open again; it can work for up to 7 opening actions, after which the gamer must click again the macro's icon to continue. Note here that there is still need of the user to press the key, but it is more rarely - that means the user cannot simply leave the PC unattended because his presence is still needed every 20-30 seconds.

  • Select Menu> Macro to load the macro interface, or press U which is the relative shortcut.
  • A new window will pop-up; it lists your existing macros. Press New at bottom to create a new one.
  • Name your macro (such as "Bril Ae"), then add a longer description so you remember what it does (such as "Opens a brilliant aether item").
  • Choose one of the available icons
  • Edit the function of the macro by typing the required commands.

For the particular macro, we assume you are converting Brilliant Aether. Type the following commands in the text box:

Screenshot From The Opening Macro

The macro window and the commands inside it.
The macro window and the commands inside it.

The Actual Macro Commands

/Use Brilliant Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Brilliant Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Brilliant Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Brilliant Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Brilliant Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Brilliant Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Brilliant Aether
/Delay 3

This macro will open a brilliant aether and create 3 pure aethers for each brilliant piece. You can edit it to open another quality, such as Pure, by changing the word "Brilliant" into "Pure" as follows:

/Use Pure Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Pure Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Pure Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Pure Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Pure Aether
/Delay 3
/Use Pure Aether
/Delay 3

Completing And Running The Macro

Click Save to add this macro to your list of macros, then drag its icon at the taskbar to make it easily accessible. To run this macro, simply click once the macro icon at the taskbar or the assigned key to that particular taskbar slot. If you do not have brilliant aether in your inventory, the macro will do nothing. Typing errors in the commands could cause other macro problems so be sure that what you typed is correct.

It would be ideal if you made a different macro for each of the most common items you are opening; for example, if you deal with aethertapping much, keep a macro for opening brilliant, one for pure, one for greater. This way you will not be required to edit your macros constantly to make it possible for opening another quality. Besides, Aion allows quite many macro slots, so you could add all possible opening macros you will need to save time later in the game.

The 3 seconds delay seems to be just enough for your character to open the bundles without waiting between the actions, one after another. Of course, it is the fastest possible option too, because the opening action takes 3 seconds along with the visual effects of the character. This means, you would keep failing if you add lower delay. On the other hand, if you experience lag or you are running Aion on a slow internet connection, you might want to increase this delay period by having 3.5 or 4 in place of 3. This way you will not have unsuccessful tries of opening a bundled item, something which is quite common in a laggy machine and can create annoyance. The increase of delay time will affect the total time required for the macro to perform all commands and then halt.

Once accustomed with the use of this simple yet useful macro, you can get more ideas from within the game; the 4th tab at Aion macro window shows some examples of macros, and in the game's forum community you will be able to find a wide range of other macros available for you, though you could easily make your own too.

Macro Examples

The macro window offers some examples and additional help so you can create your own macros.
The macro window offers some examples and additional help so you can create your own macros.

Keyboard Macros And The Risk Of Ban

A macro from within the game's options is an actual game feature, so you risk nothing when you create your own macros in Aion. As a result, there is no chance of getting punished over something that was provided through the game's engine as a feature. However, using external applications or other methods is a very different approach.

Many gamers wonder if they can use specialized (sometimes highly priced) keyboards with specific keys to be programmed with user macros.
Some have even tried editing their current, simple keyboard keys through keyboard shortcuts software to allow adding macro commands on rarely used keyboard keys. What they are trying to achieve is program their keyboard to press a button every X seconds. For example:

- They place the opening macro icon at key 5 of their main character taskbar
- They program a rarely used keyboard key (say F10) through dedicated software to start a keyboard macro which will hit 5, then delay for 30 seconds, then hit 5 again, etc.
- The character will execute Aion's macro every 30 seconds, thus opening all bundled items without any user intervention, for as much time as required or until the materials are gone.

Even though it can be significantly easier for everyone to combine an Aion macro with a keyboard macro in order to open all bundled items at once, rules are simple on it - you will get banned for using keyboard macros, because you are exploitating the game by a method which was not offered by the game itself.

In short: Aion macros are perfectly OK, but repeating them by use of a keyboard macro is a reason for ban. Plus, even if you are present while this is happening (for example, you just wish to avoid the hassle of clicking 5 every 30s) it is still something which will put you out of game.

It is simply unwise to risk your account for such convenience, especially since Aion allows you to open bundled materials in batches of 7 by use of the macro I showed.

Please add your comments regarding the topic in the comments box below.


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