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Air Hog Zero Gravity Laser Micro

Updated on September 14, 2014

Air Hog Zero Gravity Micro | Laser Controled Cars That Drive Up The Walls

Air Hogs new Zero Gravity Micro cars follow a laser beam anywhere it is pointed. They are a crazy hot toy from Air Hogs and it is claimed that where ever you point the laser the car follows - even up the walls and over the ceilings.

Apparently the micro cars have some sort of vacuum suction that allows them to race around walls and ceilings following the laser beam. They can of course also be used on any flat smooth surface including the floor.

According to Air Hogs you just point the beam and the car follows and has amazing speed and control.

They look like they would be an ideal gift for any child that likes to play with cars and looking for something a little different from the normal radio controlled vehicles.

After showing these to my husband he now wants one so am guessing they would be fun for all ages.

In the UK? Click this link for UK delivery-->> UK Delivery Air Hog Zero Gravity

Air Hog Zero Gravity Micros | Come In Lots Of Colors

Clicking on any of the Air Hog Zero Gravity Cars will take you to Amazon USA so you can shop with confidence.

Video of the Air Hog Zero Gravity Laser Micro In Action

This video shows the Air Hogs in action.

Thank you for visiting - Do you have a Zero Gravity Laser Micro?

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