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Airline Simulator 97 Download

Updated on July 18, 2014
airline simulation free download.
airline simulation free download.

Inside a real Qantas 747 flight simulator

Tour the Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator Downloads

Airline Simulator 97 Review: It is a superb passenger airplane simulator. You have access to dozens of primary airports around USA and Europe and over 300 secondary airports with a total of more than 700 runways. You can even fly to the overseas airports of Boston USA and Toronto Canada.

This game was a very visual experience and a great way to see how it is to actually fly a plane. It's so real and has some really great features and special effects that feels like you are really flying. The controls are easy to learn and to direct and the plane is very easy to control.

The graphics could be improved a little bit but If you like any type of civil aviation then you should definitely play this game to see how it really is.

There are so many different airports to fly in and out of. You can fly overseas and everywhere. It doesn't matter what country you're from because it comes in a variety of languages.

You should really try this game. It is really neat and would really interest you.. Over all I was really satisfied with this game and its great for all age groups and even small children. I hope that many people try this game and hope the makers will come out with another one with some challenges of some sort.

This is an excellent game especially for anyone who wants to become a pilot. You should really try the game it is really quite neat. It will keep your interest no doubt about that.

Airline Simulator 97 is well worth your time. One of the gamiest simulator games I have ever player.

Pro.s; The whole experience was great. Con's; its not free!. Airline Simulator 97

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    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 9 years ago from Chennai

      Fine, great! I'll take the family on a nice trip. Thank you!

    • profile image

      sh.nadia 9 years ago


    • profile image

      bvn 9 years ago

      this is goog

    • profile image

      conner 8 years ago

      mayday mayday ahhhhhh

    • profile image

      jons 8 years ago



    • profile image

      ghn 4t6ybnh 7 years ago

      i think is is awsomwe if u want to become a pilot 10 out of 10

    • profile image

      Abhinav 7 years ago

      this game is not nice

    • profile image

      ahh 7 years ago

      u need to pay

    • profile image

      Eric  6 years ago

      I need this game. Now I live in Ghana and I cannot pay by any of the payment options provided above because they are not available here in Ghana.

    • profile image

      elias 6 years ago

      ali fala que e download e gratis mas aparece para que a gente tenque pagar? me ajuden!ayude me!help my!

    • profile image

      MotherFucker 6 years ago

      jogo paia

    • profile image

      jhbfcuyebvc 5 years ago

      Thank u peoples!

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