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Akame ga Kill Merchandise

Updated on December 12, 2014
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Akame ga Kill - Night Raid
Akame ga Kill - Night Raid

Anime Merchandise: Akame ga Kill!

Brutally exhilarating! That's how Akame ga Kill captivate the hearts of its audience prey! And so, with no room for remorse and second-thoughts, people just jump into the fray with the blood-thirsty desire of collecting all Akame ga Kill Merchandise!

Wander though for more Akame ga Kill Items and Stuff

With that being said, just what are you waiting for sitting in the shadow? Enlist yourself now in the assassin squad, Night Raid, of the revolutionary army or perhaps, join the Jaegers or Wild Hunt of the putrid capital. Whatever your decision may be, your aim is to search for the imperial arm level Akame ga Kill merchandise that will suits you best so that you can lay waste upon your foes using your new-found coolness.


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Akame ga Kill DVD

Having the hardened resolve to find luck and fortune in order to bring wealth and prosperity to his home village, Tatsumi travels to enlist as a soldier/warrior of the capital. But, as soon as he reached his target destination, he is awoken into what seems like a world of overwhelming corruption and depravity. And so, instead of joining the capital and its malicious government, he gets recruited by Night Raid - an assassin group that's on their mark to hunt the evil in the government and stop the corruption in its root.


There is no DVD or Blu-ray available for this anime yet, so I'll just keep you updated here when it finally comes out. The anime is still ongoing, by the way, so it'll take a few more months before it arrives.

Akame ga Kill Poster Prints

Here we have a set of awesome Akame ga Kill posters that one would have to kill for in order to get. Well, not really kill but, you get the idea. *wink wink*

This poster sets includes eight (8) terrific wallpaper posters of some of the prolific characters of Akame ga Kill. In this case, those characters would be; Chelsea, Akame, Mine, Najenda, Kurome, Leone, and Esdeath.

Surprisingly, this set contains two (2) Esdeath posters, which actually is kinda easy to explain given her outstanding fame and notoriety.

Grab them all while they still last. They're as hot and limited as the Imperial Arms (Teigu) themselves!

General Esdeath
General Esdeath

Esdeath is one of the main antagonists of Akame ga Kill. She is also by far the strongest and most powerful general of the Capital's army. She has powers of control over ice which she could amazingly summon from out of nowhere and uses it to freeze her opponents and give them a painful death. Besides all that, she loves the idea of torture, which then in turn adds up to her reign of fear and terror.

That being said, I'm sure a lot of people would want to cosplay as Esdeath. So here, I've got the Esdeath cosplay costume listed just for you. With the character of Esdeath having quite a big appeal and an enormous murderous aura, costume playing her would surely bring a lot of attention towards your icy demeanor.


Well, what's this even if there's no Akame cosplay costume cosplay around here? Gratefully, there is. After all, Akame is the main character of Akame ga Kill (even more than Tatsumi) because it wasn't titled like that for nothing, right?

Akame is a member a Night Raid. Personality-wise, she's kinda passive and clueless all the time. She loves eating and she has that child-like innocence with her attitude as well. Her Imperial Arm (Teigu) is the Murasame - a sword that's a sure one-hit KO once it scratches/slashes her opponent no matter how small the cut.

If you can stand up to Akame's personality the why not costume play as her, right? As I've said, she's the main character of the show, and she's cool enough to be donned in real-life action. And did I mention her Teigu's ability is literally overkill!


This head-wear belongs to the Night Raid member named Lubbock. Lubbock is the comedian of Night Right (well, for non-serious mundane parts) but, he's also the trapper and semi-support medic of the assassin group. His Imperial Arm (Teigu) is the Cross Tail - a weapon based on strings that can trap enemies and be used in all sorts of ways depending on the owner's creativity. Mostly, Lubbock uses Cross Tail to set traps everywhere and warn him of nearing danger.

If you're a guy and want to cosplay an Akame ga Kill character besides Tatsumi or even Bulat, then, Lubbock is your man. His character is kinda interesting too because his personality is interestingly unique and lighter from the rest. And as for the design, Lubbock's built and color-scheme isn't bad at all. Now all you need are his pervy ways and his funny wise-cracks.

Night Raid Hoodie
Night Raid Hoodie | Source

Akame ga Kill Night Raid Jacket Hoodie

If you are so fascinated about Akame ga Kill's assassin group, Night Raid, and would want to join it, then the option is open for you know with this specially-made Night Raid Jacket Hoodie.

Not only does guarantee you a slot within the infamous team of assassins, but it also makes you look a little bit more cool and dignified. Just looking at that finely-made hoodie actually makes one jump into the action right away. What more if you wear it then?

Akame Ga Kill Akame T-shirt Tee Costume Cosplay
Akame Ga Kill Akame T-shirt Tee Costume Cosplay

This item is made of cotton fabric, available in varying sizes, and also available in three styles. Styles A and B have varying black and gray color patches while Style C is the one with the red tinge and a colored Night Raid logo. All three (3) styles looks awesome by the way so it's up to you to decide which one you like more.


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