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SWTOR Datacrons: Alderaan Datacron Locations Guide - Star Wars The Old Republic

Updated on November 24, 2012

Alderaan: Datacrons* Homeworld.

*and Princess Leia's
*and Princess Leia's

SWTOR Datacrons: Alderaan.

SWTOR Datacrons: Informative guide providing you with the locations of the five Alderaan datacrons to be found in Star Wars: The Old Republic / SWTOR. Have no fear, we’ll guide you through datacrons here! Empire / Imperial and Republic.

This lush green and blue planet is home not only to 5 SWTOR Datacrons; also to the Nerf species: creatures which are highly susceptible to rubber darts. Unfortunately as we all know, it is ultimately !omg spoiler! destroyed in Episode IV: A New Hope by the big and scary Death Star. Shame. Oh well: It's alive and well in SWTOR for you to explore. Here are the Datacron locations!

SWTOR Datacrons: Alderaan MGGS/RDA Vendor.

SWTOR Datacrons: Datacron 1 - Empire and Republic.

SWTOR Datacron numero uno!

Where? Lerantha Dam: 2191, -2019.

What? Alderaan's first datacron will award you:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 46: Nadd's Legacy" (*snicker*).
  • SWTOR Datacron: +4 Strength.

How? This one is fun, time to grapple around the place like Link or Bionic Commando!

Get your wallet out! this isn't a heist. Head to 1869, 1091 the [Juran] mountains! Eyes peeled for Lain-Ricie, Specialty Goods vendor. Now the wallet part, buy a MGGS (Magnetically Guided Grappling System) for 10,000 credits (and a Red Detonite Actuator for the fifth swtor datacron, to save you coming back!). If a few of your friends are also swtor datacron hunting, consider splitting the cost between you and sharing it, since it doesn't bind. But really, 10,000 credits isn't going to break the bank! As for the Red Detonite Actuator - you only need one between you and your friends if you are all getting the fifth swtor datacron at the same time.

Got an MGGS by any means available? Head to 2162, -1992 and use it on the Magnetic Stabilizer (interactable blue thing above your precious swtor datacron). Ta-da! Just one more now! Oh and if it didn't work, go closer and try again, or just use the ladder mentioned below... but that's no fun!

PS. You can use the ladder and some epic jumping skills to save yourself 10,000 credits, but really, isn't grappling up there like a ninja worth it?!

Update: I have tried jumping up the ladder in patch 1.5 and had no luck. This method may have been fixed or I may just suck, both likely!

SWTOR Datacrons: Alderaan Datacron 1, +4 Strength Video.

SWTOR Datacrons: Datacron 2 - Empire and Republic.

SWTOR Datacron... deux!

Where? Elysium Foundations in Glarus Valley: -82, -267.

What? Alderaan's second datacron will award you:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 45: The Krath Cult".
  • SWTOR Datacron: +3 Presence.

How? Firstly you'll want to make your way over to -413, -209. See a Thranta (flying thing in a nest)? A blue one? Good. Ride it and hold on tight. I will not be responsible for any accidents related to Thranta riding... or getting off. Especially getting off. Be careful when you get off else you'll be taking a leap of faith, and unlike Assassin's Creed, there is no hay at the bottom. You've been warned! Other than that, It kindly takes you right to this swtor datacron, yay!

SWTOR Datacrons: Alderaan Datacron 2, +3 Presence Video.

SWTOR Datacrons: Datacron 3 - Empire and Republic.

SWTOR Datacron... number three!

Where? Juran Mountains on a small island: 1109, 91.

What? The third datacron will award you with:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 43: The Great Droid Revolution".
  • SWTOR Datacron: +4 Aim.

How? Begin your goose chase at 1242, -104. There should be a bridge followed by a snowy path to the left, going up the mountain. If not, check your circuits and run a diagnostic, then try again. If you're an organic... ask a friend for help or something. Putting a paperclip into an electric socket is NOT equivalent to checking your circuits. Do not do it. Path is a pink elephant? Get some sleep. You don't have to get all the swtor datacrons in one sitting!

Follow the path for a while until you reach 1093, 0. Here's where it gets fun! Jump onto a moving-thing-on-a-wire and ride it to 1109, 91. Ta-da! Congratulations, SWTOR Datacron three!

SWTOR Datacrons: Alderaan Datacron 3, +4 Aim Video.

SWTOR Datacrons: Datacron 4 - Empire and Republic.

SWTOR Datacron number four!

Where? Castle Planteer: -2508, -426.

What? Alderaan's fourth datacron will award you:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 47: Naddist Rebels".
  • SWTOR Datacron: +3 Willpower.

How? Now this one is pretty easy, when you're in the main lobby, take a peek to your left and you will see a door which looks like someone was a little heavy handed with. The co-ords are -2490, -370. Go through the crack in the door, up the stairs to the first floor (or second floor, depending what country you're in!) then shimmy around the right side of the room to a welcoming pink swtor datacron.

SWTOR Datacrons: Alderaan Datacron 4, +3 Willpower Video.

SWTOR Datacrons: Datacron 5 - Empire and Republic.

The last SWTOR Datacron, phew! ...14 more planets you say? Oh.

Where? Ruur Kilik Burrows: 2721, 2496.

What? Alderaan's last datacron will award you:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 44: The Jedi Nomi".
  • SWTOR Datacron: +3 Endurance.

How? Get yourself back to Lain-Ricie (at 1869, 1091 if you forgot!) and this time buy yourself a nice Red Detonite Actuator if you didn't already! This one is 2,000 credits so no excuses! Once you have your weapon of mass-cave destruction (or more specifically, the detonator to explosives that are already there for that purpose), head to King's Pass: 2374, 2449. Battle through the cave (keep straight and make no turns unless you have to) till you reach the swtor datacron co-ordinatates (2721, 2496). Stick the Actuator into the explosives conveniently on the wall, and... KA-BOOM! Congratulations, you now have all of Alderaan's datacrons!

SWTOR Datacrons: Alderaan Datacron 5, +3 Endurance Video.


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