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Tips For an Epic Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower

Updated on March 20, 2018
kalinin1158 profile image

Lana is a published writer and editor who helps aspiring authors take their writing to the next level.

Are you thinking of an Alice in Wonderland baby shower theme for that special preggo in your life? Then you've come to the right page!

Here you will find everything you need to know about food, drinks, games, decorations and other whimsical tips on how to throw an EPIC party for the mommy-to-be.

These ideas can also be used for an Alice in Wonderland bridal shower, tea party, brunch, birthday and other celebrations!

Why Choose an "Alice in Wonderland" Theme

  • Although not a common theme, "Alice in Wonderland" decor is fairly easy to find online and in party supply stores.
  • It offers so many variations! For example, it can be a tea party setting, a queen's courtyard setting, or a Mad Hatter-specific party angle.
  • You can have as few or as many decorations as you want. If you get inspired, you can create a truly magical atmosphere, a movie set vibe, or just add a few playful highlights to your tea party.
  • You can have unique party favors and props for the pictures.

A decorative Alice in Wonderland display with a baby shower book.
A decorative Alice in Wonderland display with a baby shower book. | Source

Alice in Wonderland Motifs

cards/ card suits
flowers, trees and grass
mushrooms and caterpillars
red and white roses
rabbits and cats
pink flamingoes
potions and cakes
potions and cakes
teacups and tea pots
clocks and keys
chess pieces
Cookies shaped like playing cards, doorknobs and hand watches.
Cookies shaped like playing cards, doorknobs and hand watches. | Source

Alice in Wonderland Decorations

You can find an amazing variety of Alice-themed items online, from handmade invitations (Etsy, Zazzle) to "eat me" and "drink me" tags, games templates and photo props (Amazon, Birthday Direct).

You can also browse Valentine's Day and casino-theme sections at your local party supply store. In addition to plates, cups, napkins, checkered tablecloths, straws, lanterns and wall cutouts with card suits on them, you can find many heart-shaped items, which is perfect for the Queen of Hearts' courtyard setting. Or you can go with the Mad Hatter angle and load up on wacky glasses and hats. Woo-hoo!

And don't forget about the party favors. A potion-size glass bottle filled with candy is a popular choice. Who doesn't like candy?

Glass bottles with candy as party favors. In this photo M&Ms were personalized  with the date of the baby shower.
Glass bottles with candy as party favors. In this photo M&Ms were personalized with the date of the baby shower.

Budget-Friendly Tips For Your Alice Party

But that cornucopia might cost you a pretty penny. Like with any party-planning, you'll have to decide on the items you absolutely need, and the ones you can do without. So here are some ways you can spend your party budget wisely:

  • items like plates, napkins and tablecloths don't have to be themed, just make sure they match your color scheme.
  • Don't buy paper/plastic cups if you can borrow enough real tea cups from family/friends - they will look better and won't cost you a thing (and they don't have to match!).
  • Make a sign with ‘this way’, ‘that way’, 'tea party’, etc., like in Disney’s Tulgey wood. It's a fun and easy DIY project, and it will make a whimsical addition to your party.
  • Invest in balloons, lanterns and streamers - they're inexpensive and festive.
  • Print out a sign that says "Down the rabbit hole" and put it on your entrance.
  • Invest in some inexpensive decorative details, like card decks and vintage-looking keys. The card decks will only cost you a few bucks, and a set of 30 antique skeleton key replicas are sold on Amazon for $7-8. You can scatter the cards around the table and attach the keys to your party favors.
  • This is a bit sneaky, but you can also buy some decorative items from stores like Home Goods, Big Lots etc. and return them after the party. Just keep the price stickers and the receipt!
  • Although white and red roses inspire the most immediate association with "Alice in Wonderland," you can use any kind of flowers for your party. Just put them in teapots instead of vases.

  • Another creative flower arrangement idea is to put paint brushes with red paint on them in vases with your red roses.
  • Or stick googly eyes on your flowers and plants!
  • Invest in a few fun "extra" items that you technically don't need, but your guests will appreciate and remember. For example, you can have a large photography backdrop resembling the woods in the Wonderland, or other fun photo props, like the Mad Hatter hats, wacky glasses, a Cheshire Cat toy etc.

"Alice in Wonderland" books can be part of the decor.
"Alice in Wonderland" books can be part of the decor.

Alice in Wonderland Food & Drinks

Baby showers are a perfect occasion for a tea party, and there isn't a better tea party theme than "Alice in Wonderland"!

To have yourself a Mad Tea Party, start by setting the right atmosphere with the long table (preferably outside) and all sorts of teacups and teapots on it. Since the book is so surreal, you can really play around with shapes and sizes. Use some teapots as vases for your flowers, and scatter the table with playing cards, vintage keys or decorative clocks.

When choosing tablecloths, consider your color scheme. If you pick classic red-white-and-black colors, you can go with red or checkered tablecloths. If you choose a pastel color palette, go with pale pinks, lavenders and blues, with an option of adding a checkered table runner.

Now - your party's centerpiece: the food. Luckily, the book is remarkably food-centered, and an almost endless source of inspiration for your celebration. For example, you can serve

  • the Queen of Hearts' jam tarts
  • cakes or cupcakes with 'Eat me' written on them
  • cookies shaped like hearts, cards, clocks or keys
  • a cake shaped like Mad Hatter's hat, or decorated with Alice in Wonderland figurines
  • drinks with 'Drink Me' labels attached to them
  • mushroom pastries
  • English sandwiches
  • blintzes with jam
  • lots and lots of tea!

Alice in Wonderland-themed cupcakes.
Alice in Wonderland-themed cupcakes. | Source

"Yes, that's it!" Said the Hatter with a sigh. "It's always tea time."

— Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
Fruit cups with 'Eat me' tags on them
Fruit cups with 'Eat me' tags on them | Source
Two-tier cake with Alice in Wonderland toppers.
Two-tier cake with Alice in Wonderland toppers. | Source

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games are the worst, especially the ones involving smeared chocolate on a diaper (gross, and the waste of chocolate) or guessing a pregnant woman's belly size (body-shaming). So keep the games classy, and to a minimum.

For example, you can have the ubiquitous "guess the due date" game, baby bingo or a price guessing game, where you have to estimate the price of common baby items. Online stores like Etsy offer a great selection of printable Alice in Wonderland baby shower templates for games, place cards, table numbers etc.

Alice in Wonderland baby bingo card.
Alice in Wonderland baby bingo card.

To bring more Alice in Wonderland flair to your shower, try these games:

  • buy fake white roses and have you guests split into 2 teams and paint them red. The fastest and the neatest team wins;
  • make up a quiz with questions from the Alice books and movies;
  • before the tea party begins, put the tea cups upside down and hide a special item under one of them, like a key or a small toy. Everyone takes turns lifting the cups. Whoever finds the item wins;
  • play card games using Alice in Wonderland playing cards, with quotes and illustrations on every card;
  • have a teapot-, a clock- or a flamingo-shaped piñata.

Playing cards with baby facts on them can be a fun activity for the guests.
Playing cards with baby facts on them can be a fun activity for the guests. | Source

More Ideas and Tips

  • Play "Alice in Wonderland" the cartoon or the movie in the background.
  • Use "Alice in Wonderland" books in your decorative displays.
  • Print out your favorite "Alice in Wonderland" quotes, put them in whimsical frames and scatter them around the venue, or use them as place mats in your table setting.
  • Even though it's a tea party, feed your guests more than dessert, especially if you're planning the baby shower around lunchtime.
  • Be gracious and offer your guests alcoholic beverages in addition to teas and lemonades. It can be something light, like champagne, wine or sangria.
  • If you're really daring, it can even be a costume party. Encourage your guests to dress up, or have just the mom-to-be impersonate Alice, it will take the baby shower to the next level.

However, if your mom-to-be does decide to dress up as Alice, she may quickly realize that they just don't make that 19th century-style puffed sleeve dress with a tight waist and a pinafore for pregnant women. So it's not as easy as wearing a Halloween Alice costume.

Finding a perfect light blue maternity dress can also be a challenge, so she's going to have to improvise. Striped stockings and a cute hairband with a black bow can give her outfit a reference to Alice in Wonderland without screaming "costume."

Encourage the guests to dress up as "Alice in Wonderland" characters.
Encourage the guests to dress up as "Alice in Wonderland" characters. | Source

Hope you have a crazy fun time throwing an Alice in Wonderland party! Good luck!

© 2016 Lana Adler


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    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      2 years ago from San Diego California

      You'll never be ready for what is about to happen. Just roll with it, it's all natural! Best of luck to you and baby!

    • kalinin1158 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lana Adler 

      2 years ago from California

      Thank you Mel - for sharing and for checking up on me :) I'm 35 weeks now so it's right around the corner though it still feels surreal and far away...I keep procrastinating with the nursery and overall just feel like nothing's ready. I'm also exhausted all the time...Hopefully I'll be able to summon some energy to at least pack a hospital bag!

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      2 years ago from San Diego California

      Sorry this old Mad Hatter missed your hub pages baby shower here. It looks like you hosted a fun and festive party. You have a great imagination. Blessings on your impending motherhood. How long now?

    • kalinin1158 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lana Adler 

      2 years ago from California

      Thank you Larry! I'm a huge fan too :)

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very fun ideas. I enjoy the books, but my wife is a huge fan.


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