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Alienware Area 51 7500 PC Mod.

Updated on October 14, 2015

In the world of PC gamers and modders these individuals are the upper echelon of the public.

These are the real soldiers of gaming.

They Create and Manipulate.

From PC modifications and overclocking these gamers know the ins and outs of the PC system.

Verbally challenge these guys with the know-it-all talk and you will get sent back to Hollywood!!!

But in the end PC gaming and Modding should be fun for everyone. Let us enjoy what this world has to offer.

Alienware Area 51 7500 PC Case

Here is my personal Alienware PC gamer. Purchased in 2008. What I did is a little modding on this Alien.

You must be wondering why should I mod the Alienware if it is already designed. Well the reason why is that I wanted to have a small window to see my components. You might be thinking why did I not just by a pc case with a window on or ?

Well because it is all for the grace of modding. Remember? Create and Manipulate the sucker.

Side view stock Alienware Case.

In the image above I show you a stock Alienware 7500 PC case. On the side of the upper door panel will be a rectangular see through window.

Dissecting The Alien.

On the image below I used a dremel to cut the rectangle window on the Side door panel of the Alien.

Before all this I had to measure and remove the inner metal part first. Both of the inner metal and panel had to be measured separately.

After that was done I used blue painters tape from home depot. The tape was used as a guide around the cut of the window.

Observe the image below.

Surgery on the Alien...Spooky!!

It is out of this world!!!

Seeing the image above this was the finished product. Now the inner metal needs to be cut also.

Observe the cutting of the Alien.

After going through 20 cutting wheels I was finally done. The Alien has been dissected to perfection.

We need to call the X-Files for them to pick up these pieces of green!!!!

Call The X-Files...Scully ! Mulder!!

Final UFO Operation.


The final cut was the plexiglass that I took from my old Cooler Master Tower case. When the cutting was done It was time to sand down every thing.

After an hour of sanding down the metal and plastics I bolted all the pieces together.

Actually everything bolted on perfectly. I was surprised on it turn out.

Side view 1

As you can clearly see how the cutting and sanding was done. I really wanted a wavy look.

I did not want the straight basic look on the edges.

This is an Alienware gaming machine. I need to give it some out of this world experience!!!

Close up view

Rear view Alien

All open.

All closed.

I see brains.

The final look of my Alienware Area 51 7500 PC case MOD. I really like the look. It is awesome.

This is a very simple mod. The clean look makes this Alienware stand out.

Just ot let you know. There are many more hardcore Modders out there. What I did is just baby toy stuff.

Also to add this case is one of the best that Alienware ever made. The newer 2010 case ALX models are way to big and to much of the boring look.

My Aliens internal guts.

FRIO CPU Cooler...HUGE!!!

Counter strike Blow hole

Counter Strike Intake on top.

Another mod that I needed to do was add a 85mm Intake on the top of my Alienware PC.

It was a straight forward cut and install set up. It took me about 1/2 an hour to do.

Then I used my thermal take 85mm fan and my counterstrike intake. The blue thermal take neon lights is awesome with this set up.

Dark and scary

Once I set up everything and positioned the neon lights I turned it on in the dark.

All I can say it is awesome. Very unique.

I can see what's going on inside.

I have seen things in the dark That I cannot deny!!!

Here is another niter shot of my Alienware. You can see the Counterstrike Intake from the top.

Alienware 7500 PC Mod.

The end is near. Now I can enjoy my good old Alienware Area 51 PC. I am satisfied. My curiosity has been fulfilled.

Before this mod I was about to purchase the newer Alienware ALX PC. But I said to my self no. Why not CREATE and MANIPULATE the system.

So overall this one is a true keeper. The only time I will change is the components.

But other than that the CASE is closed!!!!!!!


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