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Where are Crafting Trainers in Order and Chaos?

Updated on December 1, 2016
In OAC, Crafting is used to make epics. With legendary crafting you can be as boss as this elite player.
In OAC, Crafting is used to make epics. With legendary crafting you can be as boss as this elite player. | Source

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The world becomes a larger place with each update.

More crafting trainers are available these days.

There are crafting trainers in all of the towns you can wing to, plus a few more.

Many people miss the point of crafting. Not knowing that legendary business skill is the pathway to epic gear causes people to fall behind on crafting.

If you are in that situation, you might just buy Ancient Slabstones from the Nick Shop. It seem s that a majority of people prefer the slabs. I even bought one.

Thanks to update 19, you can also earn one point slabstones in the daily events.

Jobs that reward with slabstones involve farming.

Even if you can't win, the silver and gold chests randomly contain 1pt slabstones.

Most crafting needs are met in Greenmont.
Most crafting needs are met in Greenmont. | Source

Crafting Merchants in Arcadian Forest.

The easiest place to find crafting trainers is in the Arcadian Forest.

Between Greenmont and Silence you have everything you need.

Click here for Greenmont and Silence Crafting Trainers, maps and directions.

The village of Fallen Leaf, Windmill Farm and Cliff Watch do not have business trainers.

If you are in the Arcadian Forest, then head to Silence or Greenmont to work crafting.

Buy extra flux or yarn if you plan to work crafting outside of the city.

Remember to check your trainer for patterns as often as possible.

Tear Coast crafting trainers.
Tear Coast crafting trainers. | Source

Everything you need to know about crafting in OAC

Crafting Trainer Location, Tear Coast

The crafting supply trainers in Tear Coast are located in Bellshoal. This town is a lot more useful than people realize.

It makes an excellent alternative to Greenmont. You get more privacy and no lag. Remember Bellshoal has an auctioneer, talent trainers and skill trainers.

  • Blacksmith Trainer = Standing in front of the barn across from the inn.
  • Leatherworker = in town square (fountain area) at red tents.
  • Tailor = By purple tents in town square (fountain are).
  • Supply Trainers = Catherine, under balcony outside of inn, and Powefull Mark inside of barn across from inn.

Swamp of Wyrms business trainers.
Swamp of Wyrms business trainers. | Source

Crafting Trainers in Swamp of Wryrms

There are crafting trainers in Glimmermoor. What I don't understand is that there are two craft supplies in Silence and Bellshoal, but NO supplier in Glimmermoor.

You can upgrade your patterns, but you can not buy yarn and flux. This is something that I hope is addressed as Gameloft polishes this update, or maybe in the next one.

  • Crafting Trainer Location = All three trainers can be found standing together. They live at some tents at the northern most entrance to town.

At this point, it is worthwhile to store extra flux or yarn in your bag or bank. It is worth the space considering how much effort must be put into your business skill.

Whispering Island crafting trainers location.
Whispering Island crafting trainers location. | Source

Crafting Trainers in the Whispering Islands

The crafting suppliers in the Whispering Islands are located in Eversummer Port.

From the teleporter, head into town. Follow the road past the tents.

All Trainers = in front of the big hate that leads out of town.

The Great Desert Crafting Trainer locations.
The Great Desert Crafting Trainer locations. | Source

Crafting Trainers in The Great Desert

There are two towns with crafting trainers in The Great Desert.

Once again, I was unable to find a crafting supply vendor on this continent. I think it's silly that each set of trainers does not come with a supplier.

Crimson Tower Antoria locations:

  • Tailor an Leatherworker = in front of house closest to the teleporter.
  • Blacksmith = in front of the dilapidated house near the teleporter. Just across the way from the tailor and leatherworker.

This is a good location because there is a bank located nearby. You may need to use your bank because you might have your flux and yarn stored there.

You also have access to an auction house here.

Sdukar locations:

  • All trainers = in the circle, just across the way from the daily quest given by Menmenpos.

Sinskald Rift skill trainer location.
Sinskald Rift skill trainer location. | Source

Sinskald Rift Trainer Location

Skinskald Rift business skill trainers are located in Suspended City. By now you should have leveled your crafting to at least 400.

You may be feeling frustrated, but your almost to the patterns that will change your toons life. This is the point where some people give up and buy slabstones. I bought a slab at 500 on my first toon.

  • Tailor and Leatherworker = inside building on east side. South of Errie Duulin's daily.
  • Blacksmith = inside building on eat side. In corner north of the daily quest.

The Under Realm Crafting Trainer Location.
The Under Realm Crafting Trainer Location. | Source

Under Realm Crafting

This article focuses on primary through master crafting trainers. Legendary and epic Trainer articles coming soon.

The normal Crafting Trainers in Coldring are somewhat hidden.

All three are together. Here is how to get there:

  • Starting from the floor with the teleporter, head down the stairs that lead to the courtyard.
  • Head right when you get to the mailbox.
  • Follow the wall back until you're in the circle, all three are there.

Epic cloak, ring and trinket trainers in the Under Realm.
Epic cloak, ring and trinket trainers in the Under Realm. | Source

Legendary and Epic Pattern Trainers

Legendary patterns can be found in Greenmont.

However, There are more Legendary patterns, including Essence of God, in Generator's Temple.

Epic cloak, ring and trinket trainers are in Coldring.

T3 Epic patterns can be found in Coldring and in front of the Metal Ziggurt.

More on this in the works.


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    • profile image

      Cha 3 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this. Your articles/posts have been helping me ever since I started playing OaC. Two thumbs up for you!

    • TheDragonBringer profile image

      Jade Griffin 3 years ago

      Hi, thanks for the feed back. You are right that farming with a lvl 70 is faster. I use my main to farm for alts.

      I have been toying with the idea of a guide for dailies, there are 70ish that I know. That's a lot! It may mean a new series of guides just for dailies. I will add that to my list, and get to it asap.

    • profile image

      PLZ make more guides 3 years ago

      Btw, for those who don't spend runes, I think rushing to lvl 70 and then gathering materials for craft is fastest way, because you're able to kill enemies much faster. And plz, make guide about importand quests and dailies to do at lvl 70, like mech gear ones, mounts, souls, etc...Because I'm not sure if I know them all