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All the Cards Revealed So Far for Hearthstone's Next Expansion: Scholomance Academy

Updated on July 16, 2020
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I have been playing Hearthstone since Witchwood came out. It has become by far my most played game and one of my favorite games to play.

The Reveal Trailer for Scholomance Academy

Blizzard have revealed their next expansion for Hearthstone. Titled Scholomance Academy, it is centered around a Hogwarts-esque theme where young students come to the necromancy school of Scholomance to learn magic. The set introduces the new mechanic Spellburst. Minions with Spellburst will have their effect activated whenever you cast your next spell. This is a one-time thing, so the next spell you cast (it does not have to be on the same turn) will trigger the effect, then the effect cannot be triggered again. The set also brings back multi-class cards, with each class being paired up with two other classes. Here are all 15 cards that were revealed so far and my thoughts on them:

Nature Studies

Nature Studies seems to be a card that could slot into Spell Druid, providing a Haunting Visions- like effect. Blizzard recently nerfed spell druid by making Fungal Fortunes 3 mana, so we will have to see if spell druid is good at all in the next expansion.

First Day of School

I can see this card possibly getting slotted into Pure Paladin. It provides some early game and with it being a zero mana spell it also gives Paladin the option to activate Spellburst minions on the turn they are played. The card also provides early-game for Duel Paladin, but seeing as Duel Paladin is not very good at the moment it might not be that relevant.

Goody Two-Shields

This card might sneak its way into Pure Paladin. If a Dude Paladin type deck comes about in the next expansion I could also see this be put into it. I am skeptical of the power level of this card. Your opponent presumably would want to remove this right away so you can’t get the value out of its Spellburst ability. Demon Hunter specifically would have an easy time dealing with this card, so if Demon Hunter is still popular in the next expansion I doubt this card will be played very much.

Frazzled Freshman

Priest gets a very good tempo card in Frazzled Freshman. I could see this being played in a Tempo Priest list that follows Frazzled Freshman up with either Apotheosis or Dragonmaw Overseer. I might be overestimating the power of a 1 mana 1/4, but I think this is a card to look out for.

Diligent Notetaker

Shaman was by far the worst class in Ashes of Outland because its spell synergy cards were not that good. This card gives Shaman’s spells a bit more value. If a Spell Control Shaman comes about I think this card will be included.


Warrior gets a VERY powerful tempo card with Troublemaker. I would compare it to Ragnaros but with the added benefit that Troublemaker can still attack. I’m not sure if Control Warriors would play this, but I think it is too powerful to pass up on when making Tempo Warrior lists.


I could see Rattlegore being put into a Control Warrior. However, if Control Warrior is not played then I don’t think this card will be either. Playing a 9 mana minion that does nothing on the turn it comes out is almost never a good play, so I think this card even seeing play in a Control Warrior would be unlikely. I should also mention that this card is VERY good in Arena, so look out for it there.

Wretched Tutor

Wretched Tutor is a neutral AOE, which is nothing to scoff at. I think the probability of this card being played will be based on how badly control decks will need AOE. Although I do also think that this card is better than some class AOEs purely because it comes with a body. We will have to wait and see what other AOE cards are revealed.

Cult Neophyte

When I see this card I think of Loatheb. Loatheb was one of the best cards in the game when it was in standard, so I don’t think a mini Loatheb should be disregarded. This could easily find a place in a midrange or aggro deck. Delaying your opponent’s response to your board is very powerful, so I think this card will see at least some play purely because of that.

Transfer Student

I don’t even know what to think with this card. There are so many different effects that it is hard to evaluate how good it really is. I think it won’t see that much play because of its high variance, but I could be completely wrong. You can see a list of the effects by Reddit user u/RichmanCC here.

Onyx Magescribe

Onyx Magescribe seems similar to Cobalt Spellkin in that it is a dragon that gives you two spells from your class. I do think that Onyx Magescribe is better because it has better stats for the cost and it gives you, on average, better spells. I think if Spellburst turns out to not be that hard for most classes to activate it will be tried out in some more value-oriented decks. I should also note that its high health makes it more likely that you will be able to activate its Spellburst effect, which is something to keep in mind when evaluating this card.

Shan'do Wildclaw

The first dual-class legendary card to be revealed. I think this card might see play in Highlander Hunter as a means to copy the King Krush from Brann. If that is the case Highlander Hunter lists might become more beast-oriented to make use of the other effect on Shan’do Wildclaw. If Druid gets more beast support this expansion this card might see play in a Druid deck.

Wand Thief

Rogue and Mage get even more random card generation with Wand Thief. I could see this being played in Highlander Mage. I don’t see a Rogue deck this would be good in because Rogue usually likes to play its 1 drops on 1, but it might just make the cut in a value-oriented deck. That does seem unlikely because Value Rogue has infamously not been a viable deck.

Devolving Missiles

This card seems incredibly frustrating to play against, which probably means it is very good. I think this will undoubtedly be played in both Shaman and Mage decks, pretty much no matter what they are. It is an AOE silence and can also act as a very heavy devolve to just one minion. Either way, it is VERY good for just 1 mana. I wouldn’t be surprised if this card got nerfed further into the next expansion.

Lightning Bloom

Both Druid and Shaman get an unnerfed innervate. As some people have pointed out, this could become a key card in a Kael’thas deck. With this card it is possible, on turn three, to go double Lightning Bloom > Kael’thas > Eye Of The Storm, which might be unlikely but is very powerful. This could also be used in a newer Kael’thas oriented Spell Druid, but Druid might need another good high-cost spell to make that viable.

What do you think of the cards revealed so far? Do you think there is too much RNG?

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