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Alpha Sapphire Gym Leader Guide Pt3

Updated on February 20, 2015

Don't Break a Sweat

Welcome here from our previous guide. If you skipped ahead, then you have not even broken a sweat on Flannery. Here we are now of to see Norman, who is in Charge of Petalburg Gym or as our Character knows him, dad!

This gym is like no other, you can battle all of the trainers if you want just to get used to fighting against the different battle tactics like one hit knock out room or the speed room. These different rooms are what make me love this gym even more.

So first up, lets meet this normal-type tank warrior Norman.




Petalburg Gym
Petalburg Gym
Gym Leader Norman
Gym Leader Norman
Balance Badge
Balance Badge

Petalberg City

So you withstood the heat of Lavaridge and the devastating Zubat enriched Meteor falls which houses the horrifically powerful Bagon. You then made it down to Petalburg once more to challenge your father's gym to continue your quest to become champion

Now the gym leader uses a Slaking or 2, which may i say has either caught them young or has evolved his Slakoth very early indeed - 6 levels in fact.

Petalburg Gym Leader



Slaking Lv28:

Feint Attack

Vigoroth Lv28

Fury Swipes
Feint Attack

Slaking Lv30

Chip Away
Feint Attack

Pokémon to avoid during your battle:

There are no Pokémon to avoid, well unless you have a level 28 Magikarp that you for some reason do not want to evolve. These normal types have a vast move-set that can hurt a lot of Pokémon that you have caught up to this point.

Just remember that your fighting types like Breloom, Machoke and Hariyama will have better chances. I will explain in more detail in a minute but I am sure you will not have any problems. On the other hand psychic types will have a little disadvantage due to feint attack.

Remember Your Little Makuhita?

Makuhita would have evolved to an excellent fighter with a lot of hp. do not let it unlearn arm thrusts or fake out. Force palm should be a great advantage to you, but your main move will probably be vital throw.

Pokémon To Use:

  1. Kadabra - That Psybeam attack will do damage, but it will not knock the opposing team out with a single hit I am afraid. Although saying that you can cause havoc if you manage to confuse the opponent because of their high attack.
  2. Hariyama - Fighting type with STAB moves and an added bonus of having great defense and a decent amount of HP. This with the move belly drum, can become effective against the truanting Slaking due to it being unable to move every turn. So you can attack, Belly drum, heal, Attack. This strategy will have you having full hp and full attack power to vital throw or arm thrust your way to victory. Even against the vigorous Vigoroth you should have little trouble.
  3. Graveller - Here your Graveller can use Magnitude, it does variable damage from 10 - 150 power due to the random number from 1-15 being generated. It can also bulldoze the opponents into oblivion.
  4. Machoke - This fighting type that you should of captured before Flannery, has an attack that deals damage to heavy Pokémon called Low Kick. The heavy Slaking will almost crumble under the muscle power of this Machoke.
  5. Breloom - Fighting mushroom with a really fast Mach punch! High attack and a great Elite Four beating team member. Using Headbutt and Force Palm is your best bet here his high attack will indeed deal massive damage using force palm to get the STAB bonus.
  6. Torkoal - My fire type for my team against the Elite Four. This Defensive Heavyweight has high defense so train it up from an egg to get it high in special attack, special defense and also hp. The move set i would use for this gym would be: Lava Plume, Body Slam, Flame Wheel and Smokescreen.




Fortree City Gym
Fortree City Gym
Gym Leader Winona
Gym Leader Winona
Feather Badge
Feather Badge

Fortree City

Welcome to Fortree City

The treetop town of trainers. These trainers use the flying type. This City when you first enter will not allow you to challenge the gym; instead you will have to go see Steven Stone again on the route ahead, in order to get the Devon Scope. This little device will let you see those pesky hidden Kecleon.

Do not hold this route as just another route though; it is at this route that i have caught Another of my Elite Four team Absol. Absol can do devastating damage with its very high attack and night slash. Night slash has a higher chance of getting a critical hit and also gets STAB bonus too. A Perfect dark type for my team.

Now for the gym leader, I suggest Getting an Electric type or Rock type in your team. This one is going to get rough especially as she has an annoying dragon type!


Now Winona should be easy to start with, just a few electric discharges or a few rock slides should be enough to beat her, if you revisited Granite Cave after you had been given rock smash. But you can win against her with the powerful team members that you should already have, especially the ones who will do massive amounts of damage, but more on that later on.

Her team consists of 4 flying types with 3 having an added type. This will be dangerous to underestimate the last of her team as it is a flying dragon type. If the battle takes a few turns then this monstrosity will unleash its earthquake move and will KO you almost instantaneously.


Swellow Lv33:

Quick Attack
Aerial Ace
Double Team

Skarmory Lv33:

Sand Attack
Air Cutter
Steel Wing
Aerial Ace

Pelipper Lv33:

Water Pulse
Aerial Ace

Altaria Lv35:

Dragon Breath
Cotton Guard

Pokémon to avoid:

  • Grovyle - Avoiding this one like the plague as it is a grass type and is at a major disadvantage to this Flying Gym.
  • Machoke - Even though she has enough power just as he is. Unfortunate for him, this gym has his biggest weakness. Birds! He will faint in a maximum of 2 hits.
  • Breloom - Grass type again but another disadvantage will be his other typing, fighting. Not strong and will fall if it is hit with Air Cutter or Aerial Ace.
  • Gloom - One word, Grass!! Grass type against Flying is a super no-no unless you want them to 1 hit ko you.
  • Hariyama - Fighting does not fare well against the flying type's advantage. This poor team member will be out gunned in every way.

With the Pokémon to use list, you have a great choice that I will touch upon but in the end your choice will decide the outcome and how you use them.

Pokémon to use:

  • Nosepass - First up is Nosepass an odd rock type that learns Rock slide early and also Discharge an electric move. Perfect for flying types and power gem comes in handy for extra power also.
  • Kadabra - This psychic type will prove a godsend. But try to get that Alakazam. Either way it will Blast those flying types with a few good moves and keep up with them in speed.
  • Lairon - If you have kept up the training of your little Aron, then you can have a hard hitting, defensive Tank. His rock slide will deal massive amounts of damage and also gets STAB.
  • Azumarill - A tank of a pokémon and a new Fairy type that is immune to . . . . Dragon!! Yes it can no longer be affected by dragon breath but with its huge power ability and play rough can destroy altaria easily. In the right hands this could be hugely powerful and with huge power ability the attack doubles. So take the play rough at level 25 and go all out on her team.
  • Torkoal - Torkoal will in fact help in this gym also, her Skarmory is steel and powerful flamethrowers will decimate that team until you get to Pelipper and Altaria.
  • Gyarados - Amazing because of the moves it learns by just moving up the levels. Ice fang will hurt like mad with those Birds and also strength which maximizes its huge attack power. Mix in surf and twister and your Gyarados is ready to go.
  • Milotic - Yes that little ugly Feebas you caught on the route before turns into this beautiful creature. This amazing fish will learn the moves Twister, Dragon tail and Disarming voice. All will be super effective against Altaria and recover to annoyingly get your health back. This Pokémon is another of my Elite Four team and i have started by breeding him with my Gyarados just to get a level one Feebas. Feed him blue Pokeblock+ to max out his beauty and then evolve him just one level and it will turn into a Level 2 Milotic for you to train him. I will suggest EV training it in Special Defence Special Attack and Hp.

You may feel a pattern coming on with My Elite Four team being used more and more but not the starter. That is because i am trying to train my team up so when i get to Ever Grande they will be leveled up enough to take on these heavyweight trainers.

Meeting Places?

Team is coming together nicely
Team is coming together nicely

Elite Four team being gathered?

Yes they are we already have the impressive Absol whose attacks are not only already super powered but also have very high chance of critical hits. We also have the mega evolution to look forward to on this Pokémon.

Next in line is the rare Milotic whose HP and special defence coupled With its already high speed and defence will prove a difficult one to beat. This will be your Surfing pokémon from now on. But please use Gyarados to climb waterfalls.

Heracross is our next one in line being on the next route in the Safari Zone. This again has High Attack but is your Absol's weakness and your savior against the Elite Four. I have used him in my team against them before in the Emerald Version. megahorn is very impressive but also is brick break,

Torkoal is my fire type, to heat things up and take on the almighty powerful Champion of the Pokémon League. Eruption, Lava plume, Flame thrower and earthquake are my top choices at this time.

Team Coming Together?

Have you already got your dream team?

See results

Next up?

Next up is a Gym with a double battle and a heavy hitting Gym Leader with a Milotic. This milotic takes a pounding and hits hard it can even take a thunderbolt and still sting you really bad. Lets confront them here!


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