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Alpha Sapphire Gym Leader Guide Pt4

Updated on February 23, 2015

From Normal play to Mind Games.

Coming from Norman? After beating that flying dragon Altaria, you end up going through a lot of the story to get to Mossdeep City. Mossdeep, the home of Steven Stone (who has that amazing Metagross). Continuing on the path with the space station, this hard hitting gym if you haven't got the right team will take you into space with their rock hard psychic celestial Pokemon.


Liza & Tate

Psychic Type

Mossdeep Gym
Mossdeep Gym
Tate & Liza
Tate & Liza
Mind Badge
Mind Badge

Welcome to Mossdeep City

The city of meteor showers (check the beaches) and the space station. This city is a small island with a cave to the rear and so deadly ice Pokémon. So quickly go to the Shoal cave and gather items to create the Shell bell. Now the Shell bell is an item that restores 10% of all direct caused damage from the target to the user. So if they attack you, you recover 10%, yet if you are burned or worse poisoned then you will not heal from the poison damage or burn damage inflicted.

Now for the gym leader or should i say leaders, i suggest getting the low down on double battles. You can always steam right ahead and go full power, but lets face it that wont get you far online. My personal choice is to use the abilities to your advantage. Like for example: you can use the ability Levitate and earthquake together or Water absorb and Surf. These combinations are key to battling.

Tate and Liza

Now Tate & Liza should be easy enough to beat if you Caught those 3 for your elite four team earlier on as this powerful team will decimate these 2 solar rocks without a problem. If you experience problems and have the same levels as their team then revisit your computer and get out the team that are great against them.

Their team consists of 2 psychic rock types and that is it, unlike Emerald where they had Claydol and Xatu added to the mix. Doesn't it seem strange that they will only fight you with one Pokémon each in a 6th generation game? That is because they are in sync when it comes to double battles. Now her Lunatone is the supporting one and his Solrock is the powerhouse. With Solrock's sunny day and solar beam and Lunatone's Hypnosis and Light screen to support and psychic to attack these two can become meddlesome.


Lunatone Lv45:

Light screen
Calm mind

Solrock Lv45:

Sunny day
Rock slide
Solar beam

Pokémon To Avoid:

  • Graveller - Yes Tate's Solrock knows Solar beam, and with sunny day making it not need a turn to charge makes him devastating to Graveller.
  • Flygon - Not only has this Pokémon got low hp, it is also a ground type. The only moves that will affect these two are the dragon attacks. This is a very bad choice for this gym.
  • Swellow - flying type is not strong at all and will fall if it is hit with Rock slide.
  • Sandslash - Now unless you want to fury cut your way to victory, Sandslash will fail due to low hp like Flygone and no damaging moves.
  • Rhydon - One word, Grass!! Grass type moves against Rhydon is 4 times effective!! With no other damaging moves until Lv55 Please avoid like the plague.
  • Skarmory - Steel flying type will get knocked out by Solrock's rock Slide and psychic if not used correctly.

Pokémon To Use:

  • Aggron - This Steel type will prove a godsend against these two because of the weakness advantage. the disadvantages are the speed of the Pokémon and the fact her Lunatone knows hypnosis.
  • Dustox - This Bug-Poison type has such great moves including silver wind and bug buzz Quite a tough little fella that may have problems with rock slide but can do some serious damage if used right with these awesome bug moves.
  • Azumarill - A tank of a Pokémon. In the right hands this could be hugely powerful and with huge power ability the attack doubles. So take the aqua tail and bubble beam and mix them with surf or in fact the move superpower for some serious firepower.
  • Milotic - This is my Water Powerhouse from my elite four beating team. its attacks will almost for certain destroy the Solrock and Lunatone. Train it up to Lv47 and it will learn hydro pump. But surf is all you need here.
  • Absol - Ahh yes my Absol, The powerful dark type that has high attack and lots of moves that will make it have a critical hit easier. Night slash, for one is a dark type move of that kind, with an eighth chance instead of a sixteenth chance at getting a critical hit. But the real move to use here is Sucker punch. It will go first every time against these two.
  • Heracross - My second powerhouse in terms of attack. This time though you have the powerful Mega horn, a bug type attack to damage them and with the attack power at this level, will certainly knock out that Lunatone. The move Close Combat is a must when learnt as it will go well with the move set for the Elite Four.

Now you will see Absol and Heracross feature in the last gym as well, because it is here where the road to Ever Grande starts. Kadabra didn't make an appearance this time because psychic against psychic is a no go. Unless you have the TM energy ball to use a grass type move.

Badges of Hoenn Gyms
Badges of Hoenn Gyms
Absol and Mega Absol
Absol and Mega Absol | Source



Water Type

Destination Sootopolis

If like me you dived everywhere and kept getting a dead end, look for the ring of dark water. This is the entrance to this city of legend.

Sootopolis Gym
Sootopolis Gym
Gym Leader Wallace
Gym Leader Wallace
Rain Badge
Rain Badge

Sootopolis City

Welcome to Sootopolis City

The volcanic watery city that hides the cave of origins beneath it. This city, which rises from the crater of a great meteoroid crash, can only be reached through the sea or from the sky. This city is small so quickly Go through the story, catch Kyogre or Groudon and save the world. The gym leader here is that obstacle in your way of gaining access to the almighty Bagon and the Victory road.

Now for the gym leader, i suggest getting the best team to dry up these water types and shock Wallace into submitting.


Now Wallace likes to show off his amazing grace and beauty with his powerful Milotic. This gym should prove a challenge. But do not sweat you can hit hard with the right team just be careful of whiscash's water ground typing.

His team makes up for the lack of team the previous gym had and consists of 5 water types and two of which are dual typed. Whiscash has a water ground type and Sealeo is water ice. Pokémon with some good moves to beat these are those with electric moves and grass. This will be dangerous to underestimate him especially as his team can indeed make up for their weakness with the powerful move earthquake. Lets meet our last opponents.


Luvdisc Lv44:

Draining kiss
Sweet kiss
Water pulse

Whiscash Lv44:

Zen headbutt

Sealeo Lv44:

Aurora beam
Body slam

Seaking Lv44:

Rain dance
Aqua ring
Horn Drill

Milotic Lv46:

Hydro pump
Ice beam
Disarming voice

Pokémon To Avoid:

  • Graveller - Again ground rock types done stand a chance in this gym. The water types have the advantage of having an advantage 4 times the strength of normal attacks.
  • Aggron - Whiscash will destroy Aggron with earthquake and all those water moves keep this one away for now.
  • Swellow - Milotics ice beam will hit this bird out of the sky. This gym has its bases covered for certain. Keep him in the box as well.
  • Machoke - Wait fighting is good against ice ain't it? Yes it is but whiscash has zen headbutt and earthquake and Luvdisc has Draining kiss, which Machoke can not stand up against for long.
  • Skarmory - Steel flying type will get knocked out by Sealeo's Aurora beam aadn Milotics Ice beam.
  • Breloom - Yes even this grass fighting will struggle due to the fairy type moves and the ice moves used by this team.

Pokémon To Use:

  • Alakazam - This psychic type with some speed and special attack will obliterate with the move psychic and future sight for the fight against Milotic by preparing the attack when faced by Seaking.
  • Dustox - This Bug-Poison type has such great moves including psybeam and venoshock. Quite a tough little fella that may have problems but can do some serious damage if used right.
  • Milotic - A tank of a Pokémon. In the right hands this could be hugely favorable and with huge hp and special defense, this Pokemon's resistance will be key to preventing a white wash.. So take the secret power and train up Milotic and get it to be the electric attack!
  • Raichu - yes breed Pikachu with a light ball. This in turn will create a Pichu with Volt tackle. Train up Pichu without leveling and then evolve him at Lv2 to Pikachu. Then evolve Pikachu into Raichu by stone and you will have a maxed out Raichu with volt tackle and impressive stats. Don't forget to teach it thunderbolt.
  • Absol - Yes he is here again! Absols move set is extraordinary, he can learn thunderbolt and giga impact that will make good use of this raw attack power.
  • Heracross - Earthquake, close combat, giga impact and Mega horn are my preferred move set to use here and against the Elite four.
  • Cacturn - This grass dark type is the last perfect team member against Wallace. due to this Attack power with Needle arm and energy ball it will make quick work out of Whiscash and Almost Kill Milotic too.

You may want to sigh with relief that you have finally beat the last powerful gym leader of Hoenn. Now on-wards and upwards my fellow Pokémon master towards the beauty of Ever Grande

Ever Grande

Trainers who have gathered all the Gym Badges of Hoenn should make way for the ultimate destination. The Pokémon League. Travel to the easternmost reaches of Hoenn, to the island Ever Grande. The Pokémon League is there.

— Wallace

Here we go and up next up, Elite Four!!

Yes you finally made it to the beautiful Ever Grande city. The start of your very last journey through victory road and then onto the Elite Four. Here you will face extremely tough Pokémon from other generations and also have the chance to hone your skills.

What type are you?

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