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Alpha Sapphire Gym Leader Guide pt2

Updated on February 20, 2015
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire | Source

The next Step in your travels

If you have come here from my first hub post Here. Otherwise welcome to the second part and it is about to get sparked into an inferno. Yes that's right Wattson the electric gym leader and the fiery hot Flannery of Lavaridge town. First up, let us meet the shocking Wattson.




Mauville Gym
Mauville Gym
Gym Leader Wattson
Gym Leader Wattson | Source
Dynamo Badge
Dynamo Badge

Mauville City

So you made it past the Slateport City beach fights and up past the trick house to make it all the way to the shining city of Mauville.

Here we can do amazing things like for example, get an ultra ball for 60 Pokemiles, which are extremely easy to rack up when you wonder trade.

Breed your dream team in the route to the left. Heck you can even get a bike from this amazing city, but your main goal is the gym.

Mauville Gym Leader



Magnemite Lv19

Thunder Wave
Volt Switch

Voltorb Lv19

Volt Switch

Magneton Lv21

Magnet Bomb
Volt Switch

Pokémon to avoid during your battle:

  1. Wingull - Double weakness and not very effective against Wattson's team
  2. Tailow - Will get ohko by a volt switch.
  3. Magikarp. Let's face it, tackle and splash don't win badges, especially against electric types.
  4. Tentacool - Poison attacks do not damage steel so this water/poison is not going to be a great choice.
  5. Gyarados - Water-Flying type and only move that will make a dent before it faints is dragon rage.

Remember Aron?

Catching that Aron back in Granite Cave was a great move for now. As this is where it shines. steel-rock type with mud slap to weaken Magnemite and rock tomb for Voltorb, should make it an easy win. The main attack to use for a Voltorb though is headbutt, with great attacking power could result in a timely win.

Did you trade?

Did you trade back in Rustboro City? Catch a Makuhita in Granite cave? If you have answered yes to these questions or just one then you are in luck. Makuhita is Strong against electric - steel types, especially with Arm thrusts and Force palm attacks. Force Palm has a 30 percent chance of causing paralysis to your opponent. Arm thrust can hit 2-5 times so you can cause massive super effective damage in 1 turn.

Pokémon To Use:

  1. Kadabra - That elusive Abra in the cave that almost got away train it hard and soon it will evolve to become a formidable ally in your team learning confusion straight after evolution is key to this Psychic Powerhouse. After using it to beat Brawly at lv21 it will learn Psybeam, a souped up confusion attack.
  2. Makuhita - Yes that trade pulled off in Rustboto City. Makuhita is the fighting type that saves the day with the Magnemite when you arm thrust it.
  3. Geodude - ground type with an awesome move - Magnitude, it does variable damage from 10 - 150 power due to the random number from 1-15 being generated.
  4. Combusken - Yes a fire type starter that has double kick, ember and flame charge in its arsenal at lv20. Will almost always knock out his Magneton in one hit.
  5. Marshtomp - Water Pokémon that has ground typing too so the electric won't effect it. Also the moves that become effective are Mud shot and at Lv22 Mud Bomb. Always a great starter to use due to its stats.
  6. Kirlia - The Psychic wonder that has a soft spot reserved for it in my heart. Confusion to use in order to get ahead with Kirlia here.

Lavaridge Town.

Welcome to the town of hot springs and an egg bearing woman who gives you a Wynaut egg to hatch. This egg can hatch after quite a few steps over 6000, so i would put it in the pc for now as it is not really that good unless evolved into Wombuffet.

Wombuffet can use the moves mirror coat and counter. This in turn is not that good but if you combine it with the move encore and its ability shadow tag, can in fact be troublesome. The ability will not allow the opponent to flee or switch out, while encore will make it use the same move for 5 turns. This method will allow you to counter perfectly.

With it having the highest HP of all psychic types and trained to max out hp, defense and special defense evenly, makes this a hard hitting powerhouse that will indeed be treacherous to all that are unlucky to battle it.

Destiny Bond?

Yes Destiny Bond, the move that makes the opponent faint before you faint. Simple if you are slower than the enemy as this move will come into effect the following turn. Using this move with encore will make this devastating, especially if faced by an immensely powerful dragon type.




Lavaridge Town
Lavaridge Town
Gym Leader Flannery
Gym Leader Flannery

Why not?

Do you use your Wynalt?

See results

Official Alpha Sapphire Strategy Guide

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: The Official Hoenn Region Strategy Guide
Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: The Official Hoenn Region Strategy Guide

The Official Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and omega Ruby Strategy guide that goes one further and details Egg breeding and moves and what sort of team is the best at elite four. Although I like to prefer my own team which you will see later on.


Welcome to Lavaridge Town

The town of hot springs and the fire type gym. This town is small so quickly grab the charcoal from the building at the bottom and the Wynalt egg i mentioned earlier. not to mention after you beat the elite four you can grab a rare Togepi egg.

Now for the gym leader, i suggest getting the puzzle wrong just to train against the trainers to make sure your typing has not got a disadvantage against fire types.


Now Flannery should be easy enough to beat if you selected Mudkip as your starter. But do not sweat (sorry about the pun) you can catch the right team member who will do massive amounts of damage, but more on that later on.

Her team consists of 2 Fire types and 1 fire-ground Pokémon with some good balanced stats when it comes to her Torkoal. This will be dangerous to underestimate them. If the battle takes a few turns and still you have not beaten numel then you are in big trouble.


Slugma Lv26:

Rock throw
Light Screen
Sunny Day

Numel Lv26:

Earth Power
Lava Plume
Sunny Day

Torkoal Lv28:

Body slam
Sunny Day

Pokémon To Avoid:

  • Treeko - Avoiding this one like the plague as it is a grass type and is at a major disadvantage to the Fire Gym.
  • Aron - It will be strong enough to give the elite four problems later on and other gyms but for now leave this Steel - ground type in the Pc Fire is super effective against steel.
  • Shroomish - Grass type again not strong and will fall if it is hit with lava plume or overheat.
  • Seedot/Lotad - Still leaving these two out because they are version exclusives and they are still not good enough to be part of this gym beating team unfortunately.
  • Oddish - One word, Grass!! Grass type against fire is a super no-no unless you want them to 1 hit ko you.
  • Skarmory - Steel flying type will get knocked out by Slugma's rock throw and overheat

Pokémon To Use:

  • Kadabra - This psychic type will prove a godsend if you can trade it to get an alakazam. Either way it will out shine any of the fire types with a few good moves especially Psybeam.
  • Dustox - This Bug-Poison type has such great moves including Psybeam and Venoshock. Quite a tough little fella that may have problems but can do some serious damage if used right.
  • Azumarill - A tank of a pokémon. In the right hands this could be hugely powerful and with huge power ability the attack doubles. So take the aqua tail at Lv21 and all of her team will fall.
  • Peliper - Yes a water type not as good as Azumarill but it will do the job with water pulse.
  • Gyarados - Magikarp's Evolved form at Lv26 is amazing because of the moves dragon rage, Bite and strength which maximises its huge attack power.
  • Graveller - Magnitude can have a whopping effect when its power goes to 15. Either that or bulldoze. You could even max out roll out to deal maximum damage when Torkoal arrives in the battle.

You may feel a pattern coming on with Kadabra and Dustox being in the team and not the starter. That is because i am trying to do this without any starter in the team. While Dustox seems mediocre and that may be true, with its wide variety of moves it can learn makes it ideal.

Magikarp beating Elite 4 and Champion on LG

What's next on our adventure?

Next we will travel to see our dad at Petalburg City and then off to see Winona in Fortree City while picking up some super elite four beating Pokémon along the way. Watch out Absol i'm coming for you! You too Heracross!! The journey continues here.


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