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Alternative Ways to Play World of Warcraft

Updated on November 11, 2008

You've maxed out four characters and are contemplating a fifth. Or maybe you've seen some pretty weird characters running around and wondered what was going on with them. Maybe you're just bored and want a new challenge. Whatever the circumstances, here's your chance to build a new character (or more than one) using variations on the basic WoW theme.  The goal of all of these variations is to achieve the highest level possible while sticking to the alternate rules. 


Naked characters

So-called "naked" characters can either be truly naked (except for what Blizzard gives), but usually have basic clothing. These characters have no true armor ratings. They can wear shirts and other items, but not any that have +armor values. They can have other ratings like stamina, agility, and defense. Same goes with off-hand items and trinkets.  Weapons are not allowed. 

Click here to read an article about Gutrot, a level 70 naked troll. 

Only wear grey

With grey items at any level, it's pretty easy to create a character that wears and uses only greys.  It is a challenge at around level 60 and above, though, especially when questing in Outland.  Creating a character that wears only greys means that you can't wear or use most quest items, and rely mainly on drops. 

Living off the land

The Living off the Land, or LoL variation, is still in the working stages.  It was created by another player and myself, adapting the rules from Diablo.  Basically, LoL characters do not buy or sell anything from the auction house, do not trade with non-LoL players, and do not sell anything to vendors.  Repairs are bought with gold drops or quest reward money, and all armor, weapons, etc. is drops or quest rewards.  To see the full rules, click here

"Hated" reputation

An variation that I have heard of, but not seen tried, is a character that is at "hated" reputation with all factions, even its own.  Characters that fall under this category attack every NPC, even yellow ones.  This continues until the character is no longer welcome even in its own capital city. 

I'm sure there are other variations out there.  If you know of, or play, a variation that is not listed here, or have more information on one of these, feel free to leave links, info., etc. in the comments section.  When new information comes my way, I will add to this article. 


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    • profile image

      John 8 years ago

      I've been working on a character to see how far I can get on the experience for exploration. This can involve a lot of dying, so I was considering opening it up and playing as a bounty hunter for a specific kind of enemies, say either a beast hunter or a man-hunter, and to avoid quests that don't involve my favoured enemy

    • anne.moss profile image

      anne.moss 9 years ago from Israel

      Neat topic for a hub. I don't play WOW myself. My husband played for a few months and then we stopped the subscription - we didn't have the time for it. For now we stick to the occasional match in Warcraft 3 ;)