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Amazing Spider-Man Web Shooting Figure - Prices & Online Availability

Updated on October 13, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the Amazing Spider-Man Web Shooting Figure. We will review this new figure from Hasbro, take a look at prices and online availability. If you are a fan of Spiderman then this new motorized web shooting figure should really impress you. Along with this new release we will also check out some other super hero toys that are now available.

In the past few years we have seen a massive influx of super hero movies. Marvel and DC seem to be battling it out on the big screen bringing all their comic book heroes to life. In the past year alone we have seen the Avengers, Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises. So it comes as no great surprise that super hero toys are currently the big thing. So Hasbro are looking to take advantage of this and have brought out this impressive looking Spiderman figure. So let’s take a closer look at it.

Web Shooting Figure

The New Web Shooting Spiderman

Over the years there have be several Spiderman figures, some of these are very basic small figures whereas some are larger more complicated. This new release from Hasbro is a very large figure standing at 13 inches tall and also has the added appeal that it actually shoot webs out of it’s hands. The figure also looks very good, Spiderman is ready for action in a crouched position and he looks just as you would expect dressed in his spider costume.

The motorized web shooter really is great fun. It is quite a simple mechanism that shoots a line of chord out of one end hand while it drags it back through the other. Then it will fire back through the other hand when you fire it again. So you can only shoot the web out of one hand at a time. The controls are on the shoulders, you just push down and the web fires out. Along with the actual motorized web shooter there is also a sound effect which makes a similar sound to what we hear when we watch any of the Spiderman movies.

The figure also comes with some targets to aim at when you are shooting the webs. This takes 4 AAA batteries which are apparently not included with the figure, so obviously this will make it a little more costly. If you are wondering about price then currently this toy is retailing at around the $35 mark. This is expected to be a really big seller over Christmas so it might be an idea to buy this one early as the price could well start to rise and demand increases over the holiday period.


More New Super Hero Toys

Along with the new Spiderman web shooting figure there are lots of other toys on the market at the moment based on super heroes. Another Spiderman one is the wall climbing toy. This is brilliant as it simply uses a vacuum to stick it to the wall and then you can use a remote control to send it climbing all over the place. A popular new release based on Batman is The Dark Knight Rises Bat Vehicle. This is an armoured vehicle much like one of the ones we see in the movie, the set also features a Batman figure which ejects out of the vehicle into the air.

There have been some big companies jumping on the super hero bandwagon recently and one of the is of course Lego. In 2012 we have seen Avengers Lego sets, lots of new Batman Lego, a Spiderman set and even one based on Superman. Over the coming year we are expecting Lego to release some more Batman sets, they are also said to be releasing a few builds based on Superman Man Of Steel. So lot’s to look forward to if you are a fan of Lego.

For the younger generation Squinkies seem to be very popular at the moment. Blip Toys who makes these little soft figures have also taken the chance to get involved with the super hero theme. This year they have brought out Avengers Squinkies, Batman figures, a bubble pack based on Spiderman, a collection of Marvel characters and one based on The Justice League. Again with more big super hero movies coming out in 2013 we are expecting to see more Squinkies based on characters we are already familiar with.

For fans of Spiderman and any other comic book super hero things really are getting exciting. This new Amazing Web Shooting Spider-Man really does look good and is great fun for kids who like action figures with a difference. We are expecting this toy to be massive this holiday season and no doubt the toy makers Hasbro will be hoping that this one does indeed sell very well for them. If you like Spiderman then this figure should be something you will really enjoy.


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