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American Eagle Bullion Coins

Updated on February 16, 2010

In 1986, the American Eagle Bullion program was launched. It was created as a way for investors to be able to purchase precious metals. Unlike other programs where you get a certificate of ownership, by purchasing a coin, you actually own a physical sample. I don't know about you, but if I buy some gold, i want to be able to see it! When the program first started, American Eagles were available in both gold and silver. Platinum coins were added to the program in 1997.  All three metals are available as a one ounce bullion coin.  The gold and platinum Eagles are also available in one half, one quarter, and one tenth ounce coins.  The reason for this is to make them available in a wide range of prices.  Let's face it, not everybody (including myself) has $1k sitting around to buy a one ounce American Gold Eagle!

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American Silver EagleAmerican Gold EagleAmerican Platinum Eagle
American Silver Eagle
American Silver Eagle
American Gold Eagle
American Gold Eagle
American Platinum Eagle
American Platinum Eagle

Bullion Eagle Designs

The obverse (front) designs of the gold and silver versions pay tribute to past U.S. coins. The Gold Eagle uses the stunning depiction of "Liberty" by Saint-Gaudens that first appeared on the Gold Double Eagle back in 1907. The Silver Eagle uses a rendition of the "Walking Liberty" as designed by Adolph A. Weinman. His design was originally used for the first half dollar in 1916. The obverse of the Platinum Eagle is yet another depiction of Lady Liberty, designed by John Mercanti.

The reverse design of the Platinum Eagle is unique in that it changes every year.  the back of the Gold Eagle was designed by Mrs. Miley Frances Busiek and depicts a "family of eagles".  For the Silver coin, a Heraldic Eagle with Shield was used designed by John Mercanti.

Benefits of buying bullion coins

When buying precious metals, there are other options available to you as an investor. You can purchase bars or ingots, or even a certificate. There are two main reasons I would purchase coins instead. First, the coins are nicer to look at, by a long shot. Each design takes a tremendous amount of time and attention to produce, and it is reflected in the quality of the finished product. But if you would rather stare at a piece of paper or a boring old bar, be my guest. Secondly, each coin is guaranteed and backed by the U.S. Government. That means the content, weight, and purity are exactly what they say.  There is no guess work to see if you got scammed or not.


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      goldcoinsgain 8 years ago

      Yes,When buying precious metals, there are other options available to you as an investor.Thanks for the great reading, we buygold bullion in a recession.I will pass this on to our ira clients to read.