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America's Top Toys -Why Squinkies Are America's Top Toys

Updated on November 29, 2010

So What exactly are Squinkies?

Squinkies were created by Blip Toys in mid 2009. Squinkies are very small, collectible animal that resemble something that you would get for a quarter out a vending machine. These little toys can be fit on the eraser of a pencil and have become one of America's top toys of 2010.

Understanding the toy industry

Before I get into depth of why Squinkies are America's top toys, let me just start with a little about the toy industry. This is an industry that tries it's best to capitalize on the wants and sometimes, needs of children....and those few awkward adults. In order to thrive as an entrepreneur in the toy industry, one must incorporate many different factors.

  • Innovation

  • Fun Factor

  • Safety

  • Demand

Giant toy companies such as Mattel and Hasbro have mastered these. They are able to find what kids want most out of there toys and use that to create another. I'm sure your all wondering why I'm explaining this. Well, in order to fully understand why a toy or any product for that matter is doing so well, is to understand the market for that product to the best of your knowledge; in this case, children.

This brings me to my next point.

What do children really want – we think we know

Remember when you were a child and you had that favorite toy? It may not have been your best toy in terms of quality or price, but it was still your favorite. Can you guess why? The answer is simple. That special toy had something that none of your other toys had or it performs an action better than the rest of your toys. Personally, mine was a little toy gargoyle that I had gotten from the dentist's office when I was 5. I had every Power Ranger toy available and still that little plastic gargoyle was my favorite. This was simply because the gargoyle had wings. Yes, that little detail is what gave my little toy gargoyle more play time than the rest of my toys. In my imagination, he could fly.

Cardboard box syndrome

I'm sure you've all heard about some child getting a brand new toy for Christmas only come to find out that they're more interested in the box that it came in. This is what I call,”the cardboard box syndrome”. This really isn't to difficult to understand if you think about it. What can the box do that the Power Ranger can't? The box has the ability to stimulate more imagination. Think about it. Yes, the Power Ranger action figure that came in the box can stimulate imagination, just not as much as the box. The Power Ranger is meant to be played with as a Power Ranger, right, while the box has no limitations to what it can be, in the mind of a child that is. A cardboard box can be anything from a car, to a house, to a boat or anything else a child could imagine himself sitting in.

What does all of this mean?

It means that in order to capitalize on what a child wants, one needs to provide something that allows the child to broaden his or her imagination. This brings a higher sense of quality to the child. When some is has no title and can not be labeled, it triggers the human brain to think of what it might be, or to a child, what it could be.

So what have Squinkies done to broaden children's imagination?

The secret behind Squinkies' success is the fact that these little toys do not play any certain role whatsoever. The are simply small figurines without names or origin. This allows children to create names and origins for them. Squinkies' also come in small, clouded balls so that you can't see whats inside when you buy them. This was smart on the marketer's behalf because this adds to a child's excitement when opening a new pack of Squinkies.

So are Squinkies a good gift idea?

Honestly, I think they are a great idea as gifts for the kids. Blip Toys have done a great job at providing multiple activities that Squinkies can be used for such as being put on the back a pencil, being used for jewelery such as rings and necklaces, and also providing small houses to add to the sets. These houses also serve a dual purpose as a means of storage for the figurines. The fact is, kids love them and now you should be able to see why. They're cute and they're collectible, a deadly combination.

Overall, Squinkies are selling like hotcakes because one man named Bill Nichols was able to understand the average child's brain just enough to realize that simplicity triggers imagination. Then add fact the collectible factor in and you now have a franchise.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this new toy fad. I really do think they make great gifts for kids. I bought some for my younger sister and she loved them. I also hope you have gained a better understanding of the toy industry or at least what your mindset should be if thats your next venture. Well, again thanks for reading my hub. It's always a pleasure. “Dueces”


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    • profile image

      sandra f. 6 years ago

      Is there an age group these are marketed for? I miss buying toys for children, but I enjoy keeping up with what is new! Thank You!