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Amethyst's Photo Realistic Hi Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

Updated on June 4, 2011
For more super HD texture pack reviews, visit:
For more super HD texture pack reviews, visit: | Source

High resolution! High definition! Photo Realism! A pig riding in a minecart! That's right, it's another boundary pushing super HD texture pack for you to download and fawn over. (I recommend stroking the monitor screen whilst whispering words of affection, but feel free to express your appreciation any way you choose.) This texture pack bears significant resemblance to the famous LB's Photo Realistic Texture Pack, but it does incorporate significant changes and therefore represents an alternative for fans of photo realism in Minecraft. At 128 x 128 resolution, there are enough pixels for the whole family and all in all I can say upfront that this will be a welcome addition to the collections of high resolution HD texture packs that rabidly strive for realism at all costs.

Amethyst's texture pack has some definite feminine touches about it. The pink marble texture associated with the interface only barely works with the white text, but is (just) saved by the power of the drop shadow. Push past the eye hating menu however, I promise that once you get into the game itself, the texture pack certainly comes into its own.

The terrain is wild and harsh and if you fall you will skin your knees. The long grass is also wonderfully done. Blades of grass are everywhere, interspersed with riotous red and yellow flowers. The flat grass texture seems a little too choppy for my liking, but the long grass completely works.

Wheat has been replaced with a vineyard, which I like. The grapes growing on vines look wonderful and make complete visual sense. As the grapes ripen, they turn ever more red.

Water is also done very well, with a languid texture that ripples before your eyes. In the shot associated with water, you'll see my home style well populated with squid. That's the native domesticated well squid, in case you were wondering.

But what about inside? Will the homes and residences you have carefully crafted look awesome? Yes they will – mostly.

Glass is entirely clear aside from seams, which make no sense to my brain at all, but which I suppose provide some kind of edge so that you can see the glass. There are probably better ways of handling glass, a solid border, for instance, would probably make more sense, or perhaps a frosted texure, but this isn't a texture pack any of us made, so we'll take what we're given and be grateful for it, demmit.

The wooden door texture is lovely. The panelling looks real enough that one feels that if one touched it with one's locky stump hands, one would feel the ridges. Library textures are lovely and work very well with trapdoors and ladders and other accoutrements associated with large spaces of mindful learning.

Download Amethyst's Photo Realistic HD Minecraft Texture Pack and make your own discoveries!


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