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Amicable You, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

Updated on December 22, 2011
Your unassuming starting house, the beginning of your grand Minecraft adventure.
Your unassuming starting house, the beginning of your grand Minecraft adventure.

This popular minecraft adventure map combines a little bit of survival with a lot of exploration and adventure in traditional style. You'll find quests and side quests and get yourself a high score with the collection of hidden Ghast Tears, which you'll compulsively collect even though some terrible and unknown fate has befallen a good friend of yours.

This could be considered a spoiler, but the series of trapdoors on the wall of the house when you start actually functions as a handy retractable staircase. I've never seen that design before and I love it. It's an alternative to ladders for people who don't have much space in their dwelling.

Most of the map is sort of a 'follow the glowstones, break into people's houses and exhibit a disregard for rules' sort of experience that I, for one, found very pleasant. The storytelling is fairly basic, but then again, Minecraft isn't exactly set up for grand sweeping tales at this point, mostly because there's still no way to write in books unless you use a specific mod and who has time for that.

There are some quite challenging challenges about the place, mostly in the form of not being an idiot and offing yourself by accident. If you play on anything other than peaceful you might find yourself respawning back in the starting house more often than you might like.


As a rule, I don't like rules. Especially arbitrary ones that are put in purely to make the game more difficult than it already is. This map says you can't kill passive mobs, but I like tasty bacon, even tasty virtual bacon far more than I like imperious rules, so I killed anything I felt like.

Unfortunately, the rules continue in a way I found disturbing. At one point you're told you're not allowed to cross knee deep water because of 'contaminants'. I'm thinking most players are just going to go ahead and walk through the water because busy work in games an insidious force for evil that must be stopped. See, you're not cheating, you're taking a stand for what's right!

How To Install This Adventure Map

Extract the .zip file into your Minecraft saves directory, then open the extracted file and take the 'Adventure Map' folder out and put it into the saves directory alone. You'll notice at this time that there are four .txt notes in the folder, these are the notes you're supposed to refer to during the course of the game. You may as well read note one right away, because you read it when you start the game anyway.

Download Amicable You, Minecraft Adventure Map


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