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An In-Depth Review of Minecraft + How to get started

Updated on May 12, 2015

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft, minecraft, minecraft. This is probably the biggest game ever. With it's sales toppling most triple A titles and a fanbase bigger then FNAF's this is truly one of the defining videogames. Of course there will always be those who think that Roblox is better. And I can guarantee you that those people either can't afford minecraft or a bunch of immature six year olds. That ranting is for another video, but let's talk about the game it's self.

One of the basics in Minecraft is to get wood first.
One of the basics in Minecraft is to get wood first.

A brief introduction to Minecraft

Minecraft was inspired by games such as Dwarf's fortress and some moon game I can't remember. What started as a small idea became, as previously stated, one of the biggest games of all time.
There are so many different ways to play minecraft. You can build whatever you want in creative. Become a pig in spectator. Survive in survival or adventure in adventure. Because of minecraft's open endedness many people have created custom maps which have different goals then normal minecraft. Green hill zone by Disco, herobrine's revenge by Hipixel. So to stop my head from exploding I'm going to focus on survival mode for most of this review, take a quick look at creative mode and completely ignore adventure modes and Bukkit servers.

A beautiful view
A beautiful view

How to get started in Minecraft

So let's get started. Now the first thing anyone should do is make a crafting table. You do this by chopping down a tree and arranging the pieces of wood in a certain way. This is around %20 of your total game time. Crafting. The other %60 will be devoted to building and mining. You can either make an incredibly simple house like this or make a big library with a zillion bookshelves. Whatever you choose you should probably make some furnaces and chests for storing items. Note that minecraft is EXTREMELY unfriendly to beginners. It's probably best to look up in the wiki.

Here's a link to the wiki

Next, you'll need to find some trees. An example of a tree is like the one in the first picture. Along the way you should probably note to take a peek in these caves. These contain things like coal and iron, which you should make with a pickaxe. By making a pick you can mine things like stone, coal, iron, gold and diamonds. You can take things like stone and make stone bricks. Now there's not just one type of small cave you can find potholes; imagine driving you'r car into one of these. You can find huge cavern systems ending in ravines which can be above or underground. If you'r lucky enough you can find a mineshaft, which is filled with things like minecarts and spiders.

Beautiful rooms can be made with the right blocks
Beautiful rooms can be made with the right blocks

Mobs and other Enemies

Speaking of spiders, one of the main reasons to build a house is because of the mobs. Survival mode in't called that for giggles, you actually need to survive. We tried to set up a demonstration here, but it didn't work as well. You can find enderman, zombies, skeletons, spiders, zombie pigmen, ghasts, blazes and endermites which wouldn't spawn for some reason. Perhaps I was just lucky. The hardest mob to fight is the enderdragon, but we'll touch on him later he's really a pain.
So minecraft would be boring if it was just plains and forests, so soon, things like oceans and lava lakes, were added, which made the game more interesting. Lets just say things can end up like this. Anyway, minecraft's different biomes are: desert, birch forest, dark forest, now with aditional shrooms! Jungles with kitties, winter, mesa, extreme hills, mountains, flower forests, the tiaga and finally, swamps. There are so many!

A quick tip on minecraft crafting

Using a crafting table is very simple. In the 9 slots that you have, try to draw the shape of the item that you want. For instance, if you want a pickaxe, you'll need to put 2 sticks down in the middle, and 3 stone on the top rows!

The Right-Click Button

In minecraft, the right click button is your best friend. If you want to access something, try right click. For example, right clicking a crafting table gets you to the crafting menu!

Good luck!

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Did you know?

Minecraft is also available on the Xbox!


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