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Three Main Types of Radio Control Helicopters

Updated on August 19, 2012

Radio Control Helicopters have become a very popular option with regards to Radio Control. It used to be very expensive to indulge in the Radio Control Helicopter Hobby. The learning curve was huge and intimidating. If you were to make a mistake and accidently crash your Helicopter, it was very expensive to fix and there were many mistakes to make. So, as a result the Electric RTF (Ready To Fly) RC Helicopter was introduced. The Electric RC Helicopter has revolutionized the hobby of flying RC Helicopters. For the most part it's made RC Helicopters more affordable, easy to repair and most importantly easy to fly for anyone with a little patience and the desire to fly.

Co-axial Helicopter
Co-axial Helicopter

There are three main types or levels of RC Helicopters. The first level is the co-axial Helicopter which is suited for indoor use and outdoor with no wind. The co-axial Helicopter has an upper rotor blade and a lower rotor blade in the main rotor location above the canopy, and a non functional tail blade. These Ready To Fly (RTF) Helicopters can be found in the neighborhood of $100.00 or less. Ready to fly meaning no assembly required and includes battery, charger, and a 4 channel transmitter. The co-axial Helicopter is easy to maintain, very stable, but not very maneuverable. These Helicopters are designed for the beginner and are very easy to fly. This would be the ideal Helicopter to start with if you have no experience with flying an RC Helicopter and are looking for something one step above a toy Helicopter.

Fixed Pitch Helicopter
Fixed Pitch Helicopter

The second level of Helicopters is the conventional style or Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter which has just one set of main Rotor Blades with paddles above its canopy and an independent functional tail rotor blade. Suited for indoor and outdoor use with very little wind, these Helicopters can also be found in the ready to fly option in the neighborhood of $100.00 or more. These Helicopters are often larger in size and are relatively easy to fly. They can be much faster and more responsive allowing for more control and maneuverability. Just like the co-axial Helicopters the Fixed Pitch Helicopter is easy to maintain. This Helicopter is ideal for those who have some RC Helicopter flying experience.

Collective Pitch Helicopter
Collective Pitch Helicopter

The third level would be the full on Collective Pitch 6 Channel Helicopter, ideally suited for outdoor flying. The Collective Pitch RC Helicopter is a precise flying machine, very responsive and can be loads of fun to fly. It’s extremely maneuverable and ideally suited for executing stunts and tricks commonly known as 3D flying. It’s basically capable of executing any maneuver you can throw at it. These RC Helicopters however, are considerably harder to fly. These Helicopters can also be found in the Ready to fly option and the build it yourself kit option, however its price is in the neighborhood of $350.00 and upwards. These highly maneuverable Helicopters are better suited for very experienced pilots.

Radio Control Electric Helicopters can be very addictive while providing loads of fun for hours. The Hobby of RC Helicopter flying can be enjoyed by people of all ages. From a beginner to the occasional Helicopter hobbyist who just wants to have some indoor or backyard fun to the highly experienced pilot. I hope this article helps to allow you to decide on which level of Helicopter piloting your ready for. Happy piloting.


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