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Angry Birds Board Game Review

Updated on May 27, 2013
Angry birds knock on wood A new angry birds board game
Angry birds knock on wood A new angry birds board game

For those that does not know what angry bird is, it is a game for smart phones lwhere you use a slingshot to shoot down the pigs that are on some kind of structure or tower that is made of blocks. There are several birds to choose from that have their own unique abilities which will help you shoot down the pigs.

The unique story, cute cartoon-like graphics, simple gameplay and easy controls made angry birds a favorite of casual and hardcore gamers alike. Because of that popularity, there are several spin-off merchandises produced for this video game like pens, stuff toys and of course this Angry Birds board game we are about to review.


  1. Just like the video game
  2. Easy rules
  3. Easy to play


  1. Birds and Pigs made of cheap plastic
  2. Structures are simple
  3. Plastic makes it harder to make the pigs stand

The angry bird board game or the angry bird knock on wood board game is the first board game adaptation of the Angry Birds video game. Its not a traditional board game as there are no "board" to play the game which makes it near to other interactive board games like Hungry Hippos or Mouse Trap.

This new board game basically has the same gameplay as the video game. You will need to shoot all the pigs down that is on a structure you created or your opponent to win the game. You can create structures by using the rectangular blocks provided in the box. This adds more fun to the game as you can try and copy the structures you saw in the video game in real life.


Here are the items included in one box.

  1. 3 Birds
  2. 4 pigs
  3. 1 star
  4. 56 cards
  5. 1 slingshot
  6. 14 blocks
  7. 1 game instructions

But, the knock on wood board game has its own drawbacks. The pigs are made with plastic that is rounded which makes them hard to stand up. Making the structures given to you will not be easy especially to those that are a little bit clumsy, have big hands or small children which is the target audience of this toy. And some structures instructed in the board game needs some balancing between the blocks. The number of blocks given in one angry birds board game box are only a few and only when you have played your new board game will you realize that you can only create simple structures with this game. If you have played this game with more than 2 players, the game will definitely be longer and can be quite repetitive in some cases.

I don't really follow the game rules. What I did is buy a couple of these and create the biggest structure I can make.


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