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Angry Birds Game For IPhone now For Android: Download

Updated on September 2, 2012

Angry Birds Game

I love this game Angry Birds and so will you. It's the number one selling game for the IPhone and now it's coming to the Android. So know your wait is over for this historical game that is packed with 195 levels for you to play through. Whats even great is it's free to the android users because it has a few ads in it. But lets face it where don't you see ads now on the internet so wh ocan complain a free game for some ads.

The game consist of you shooting a angry bird from a sling shot at crates scattered through out the level and your object is to knock crates over that have the green pigs that have stolen eggs. The game is very addictive, now I can see why the game is ranked number one in game sales. Also the game has come to a real board game which probably isn't as much fun so I would get the Angry Birds App.

This game is so addicting because you have to destroy fixtures around the pigs to and you get four shots to kill them all. The game can get super frustrating but I think that's why it's so addicting and keeps people coming back. Their are many episodes and each episode has a certain amount of levels you have to beat to get to the next episode.

Also what is fun is each type of bird has their own ability some explode on contact or split up and divide into three birds, or lay egg bombs, or speed up to break through items. So each level gets better and isn't the same old shot one type of bird at the target.

Alot of levels come down to luck to because it's so hard to duplicate a shot and what gets knocked down each time. Different things react to different things in the game hitting each other.

Angry Birds For Android

Angry Birds is also coming to PS3, PSP, rumor has it Xbox kinect. So as you can see this game has blown up like crazy and has actually been used at carnivals for game ideas which is crazy. I know that I already have the game so you should get it to and start enjoying the wonderful world of Angry Birds.


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    • profile image

      DONII 5 years ago


    • profile image

      marie 5 years ago

      does anyone know where i can download angry birds seasons for my Nokia N9 thanks

    • eugen_lisov profile image

      eugen_lisov 6 years ago

      Haha, I bought a Samsung Android phone a few months ago and the only app I could think of was Angry Birds. I immediately installed Angry Birds Rio and I've been hooked since :)

    • profile image

      Angry Birds 6 years ago

      Man I love angry birds its frigin addicting!

    • profile image

      carla 6 years ago

      i like it