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Angry Birds - Online Angry Birds Page

Updated on May 11, 2011

The Angry Birds

This evening I wanted to talk about the Angry Birds games you can download on any iPhone or Android based smartphone because so many of my friends have been raving about it and playing it on their break time at work. I have downloaded the free Angry Birds game from the Android market on my Samsung Galaxy Europa and I must say that it is an amusing game with great graphics and stylish music.

I wanted to create a hub page that shows some cool Angry Birds products and illustrates in more detail exactly how big the Angry Birds game has become.

Photo courtesy of vancouverfilmschool

Angry Birds PC game

We all know the Angry Birds PC game has arrived thanks to the Intel App Up store but did you know you can get the Angry Birds game on your Playstation 3?, this means you can easily play the game on a 42" TV with all your friends.

Photo courtesy of angryjuliemonday

Angry Birds Film

As we can see in the picture above there have been many attempts to make animations of the Angry Birds game but nothing has been released on TV so far but lots of videos on Youtube. According to the MovieWeb site this popular game is in fact being made into a movie as we speak. The Finland based company 'Rovio' that designed the game has visited Hollywood studios and 5.6 million people have already previewed a trailer that has been released on the web.

Photo courtesy of yghelloworld

SXSW Sights and Sounds Festival

Angry Birds was recently featured at the SXSW sights and sounds festival and this representative looks so embarrassed and red in the face he could have laid an Angry Birds golden egg!

Photo courtesy of nanpalmero

Angry Birds Toys

We all know about the Angry Birds plush toys you can buy but I think adults aren't going to buy many of these or see the movie so the promoters need to market merchandise towards children instead. A good product that I came across was these truffle topper figures, kids and adults will love these since the characters are funny and make great collectables.

Photo courtesy of ana_fuji

Help with Angry Birds

Above we have a photograph of Peter Vesterbacka at the Gamers Development Conference this year giving Angry Birds help to people who find the Angry Birds game usability a problem and giving hints on upcoming features that could correct these difficulties.

Photo courtesy of officialgdc

Angry Birds Fan Art

I scoured Flickr for the best online Angry Birds fan art and came across this last picture which I think all my readers will like. As I have shown in my Sonic the Hedgehog hub, using building blocks or tins in this case works well to give the impression of pixel graphics even though Angry Birds is high resolution.

Photo courtesy of tworubies


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