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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Never Get Stung by Wasps Again

Updated on May 21, 2020

Let Being Stung By Wasps Be A Thing Of The Past

Don't get stung by wasps ever again
Don't get stung by wasps ever again | Source

First Things First...

I'm sure that everyone has been stung by these pesky tree-dwellers at least once in the game. You may be thinking you want to avoid shaking the trees altogether or have developed a flight plan in the case of a wasp nest dropping down on you and have created some kind of strategic emergency path to safety. Your not at a total loss, of course by getting stung, but it can be rather time consuming when you are just trying to play the game and get things done.

Getting stung once means you have to craft or buy some medicine, or if you're lucky, a neighbor will help you out and give you some so that you don't look like a monster and scare the other inhabitants of your island. Getting stung twice, three times, four times and so on, will cause you to faint and transport you back to your home if you're on your island or back to Wilbur on the dock if you are on a Nook island. This can be a little annoying if you were in the middle of doing something else.

Luckily there is an upside to getting that first stinging out of the way since it actually does pay to get stung by wasps at least once, as I'm sure most, if not all of you have already found out. Yes, that's right. You can earn some easy Nook Miles by simply letting the scary hoard of wasps sting you. Keep in mind that it will only reward you once so there really is no other benefit to getting stung unless you prefer scaring your neighbors and getting your feelings hurt by their disgust at the sight of your face.

Taking The Sting Out Nook Miles Reward

Secondly, Wasps Are Worth It

If you make it a habit to shake every tree on your island like I do, you can definitely find a few hundred bells, two tree items that a sneaky neighbor likes to hide inside of trees, and in my experience, 4-7 wasp encounters, depending on how many hard wood and cedar trees you have on your island.

You may not get rich by collecting the bells or selling the furniture that drops out of the trees, however, you could be raking in a good amount of bells by selling each wasp you catch during the day.

When sold at Nook's Cranny, a wasp is worth a whopping 2,000 bells. If you catch seven wasps that day, you're sitting pretty on a nice little nest egg of 14,000 bells. Math!

However, you may also choose to save your wasps until Flick, the bug aficionado, shows up to your island. Flick will happily pay 3,750 bells for each wasp. What does he do with those bugs? It's probably better not to think about it.

I know that it's nowhere near as grand of a payout as catching and selling tarantulas and scorpions, but consider the fact that you will encounter 4-7 wasps every day on your island and can continue to collect them until Flick shows up for a hefty buyout. You also have the option to collect more wasps on friend's islands and Nook islands to grow your collection even faster.


So, How Do I Catch All Of The Wasps?

There are three simple directions to catch every wasp you encounter.

  1. Get into the habit of shaking trees from the front instead of the sides or behind.
  2. Make sure the front and sides of your tree are free of items such as furniture, flowers, grass, etc.
  3. Always hold a net in your hand when shaking trees.

For instance, when you shake a tree from one side you know that the wasp nest will drop from the tree on the opposite side which leaves you to scramble around the tree in order to reach and net the wasps. This can be problematic sometimes since you may accidentally shake the tree again or just miss the wasps entirely as they buzz around like an angry, painful tornado.


When you shake a tree from the front, however, the wasp nest will either land to the right or the left of you, and in some cases, right where you are standing if there are items on both sides of the tree. When this happens, in your surprised panic of viewing the wasps, your character will automatically face where the wasps are hovering so there is no need for you to move at all. Hopefully you have already equipped your net because catching the swarm is as easy as pressing the A button.

Facing The Enemy




And There Is More!

Now that you have learned my wasp catching technique you should be able to catch every single wasp you come across which, incidentally, comes with another Nook Miles Achievement. Tom Nook will be so impressed with your new wasp catching abilities that he will reward you Nook Miles for catching five in a row.

Gone are the days of running away in horror to the sounds of buzzing gathering speed behind you.

Netting Better Nook Miles

Was This Information Helpful?

If you have any questions about the information I described feel free to ask.

Also, has anyone found a method for catching wasps that works better for them? Share your experience in the comments below.

© 2020 Erin K Stewart


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