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Animal Planet Playsets and Toys

Updated on November 20, 2011

 The Animal Planet is more than just a television channel.  They also have some pretty cool toys as well. If your child is an animal lover take a look at some of the coolest most realistic looking animal toys.  Highly educational these toys come with a bit of educational literature on the animal.  Check her for the latest in plastc playsets, plush animals and animal robots.

Animal Planet Super Treehouse Playset

Animal Planet Play Sets

The Animal Planet Super tree house playset has a lot of extras with it. This tree house jungle includes a tree house with a ladder, a loft with a crank elevator and a waterfall amongst some trees. This Tree house Play-set has some inhabitants. There are a couple of gorillas, a lion, a tiger, a snake and even a fish jumping over the waterfall. An Alligator is also walking by. Up in the tree tops is a computer to do all of your scientific research.

Shark! No seriously.. Shark!!!! The Shark attack playset by the Animal Planet is for any shark lover! The packaging is even fierce with it's cardboard teeth. The set includes a Tiger Shark and a Great White Shark figure (with jaws open wide I might add). Press their dorsal fins and move their mouths for jaw biting action. Also included is a diver in a shark cage. This toy received three and half stars out of five from parent reviews. They claim the toy is awesome and their kids love playing with it.


 The Animal Planet Deep Sea Exploration Playset has a boat and a very toothy angular fish.  The fish figure is very realistic and has a fact book that comes with it.  The Angler fish has a move able jaw. This toy received five out of five stars from one customer review.  He states the toy is attractive to the young child and to the older child. 

Animal Planet Deep Sea Exploration Playset

 The Animal Planet Polar Play Set with Igloo and Rescue boat has several pieces to it.  The action figures include two Eskimos on a sled with sled dogs, some penguins, some seals, polar bears and whales.  Also included is an igloo and a rescue boat. You can open up the igloo to reveal the inside. Your little one can have fun rescuing polar animals.   Parents gave the Animal Planet Polar Play Set five out of five stars.Parents comment that this toy holds a child's interest over several years.

Animal Planet Polar Play Set with Igloo and Rescue Boat

 For the wee little ones there is the animal Planet Safari play set.  Animals included in the set include a lion, a tiger, a hippo, an alligator, a rhino an elephant  and a tree. Parents gave this toy a five out of five stars saying  you won't be disappointed with them.

Animal Planet Baby Safari Playset

 The Animal Planet Soft Dinosaur playset has 10 pieces to it.  There is an explorer with his vehicle.  A mountain and a tree.  Also included are six dinosaurs! One parent review gave this toy five out of five stars.  She states this is one of her children's favorite toys!

Animal Planet Soft Dinosaur Playset - 10 Piece Set

 What child can resist the Giant Squid?  Not my son that's for sure.  The Animal Planet Sea Quest Giant Squid playset includes a diver with a propulsion device, a giant squid and a couple of blue fin tuna.  There is also a fun fact card about giant squids.

Animal Planet Sea Quest - Giant Squid

 The Animal Planet Dino Valley Tree Tower Playset includes a ferocious looking dinosaur. Also included in an action safari man with his tree top device. The Safari man  has accessories to help him survive.  Get this playset while you can.  Only one left in stock!

Animal Planet Dino Valley Tree Tower Playset

Animal Planet Big Tub of Ocean Animals Set

Animal Planet Tub of Animals

Animal Planet has great toy concept..a tub of toys.  The Animal Planet brings us a tub of Ocean Animals.  There are many ocean animals in this tub. They are plastic and rubber.    Perfect for use in the bathtub, pool or just around the house.  They come in an easy to tote container, making them easy to take anywhere.  This is four pounds of fun!  There are not many left so get yours soon!

 Here is the first Animal Planet item I purchased my son.  The Tub of dinosaurs was a big hit.  It was also hours of fun.  He plays with this everywhere, in the bathtub, in the pool, even out side or in his room.  It comes with many different types of dinosaurs and they are a pretty good size!  It also comes with a plastic mat with terrain on it such as rivers and lakes.  Also with this toy is accessories such as boulders, volcanoes and trees.

Animal Planet Remote Control Snake

Remote Control animals!!!

 I don't know how popular this realistic remote control snake will be!  He is a 20 inch Bannana Boa Snake that runs on 2 AA batteries.  The remote control is an egg shape and runs on 2 AAA batteries! This thing can slither across flat surfaces.  Be careful who you prank or this toy may not last long!!  This toy is popular because there are only four left at the time I am writing this review!!  Also included is some educational material on the bannana boa.

Radio Control Giant Tarantula

 The Radio controlled Giant Tarantula is another favorite!  Believe it or not this ugly critter is selling out fast.  Only four left at the time of this review.  The tarantula is nine inches long and eight inches wide.  Use the remote control to watch him scurry forwards and backwards across the floor.  The furry texture feels like that of a real tarantula (if you are into touching them !)  Parents gave this toy three and a half stars out of five.  One parent stated she underestimated the durability of this remote control tarantula.  It has had the legs pulled off ( which go right back on) and dropped and it still works well.  This would be a great shocking gift!

Animal Planet T-rex Radio Control Dinosaur

 The Animal Planet T rex  remote control Dinosaur stands 12 inches tall and is 21 inches long.  This dinosaur moves, roars, swings his tail from side to side and has blinking eyes. His textured skin go along well with his movements.   He requires 6 AA batteries.  Parents  gave this toy three and half stars out of five because they loved how it worked with no problems.


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    • rmills123 profile image


      8 years ago from Ecru,Ms

      Great hub love the content.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 

      8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Great toy ideas for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.


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