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Anthem Game Review

Updated on April 7, 2019


Now that Anthem has been released worldwide, I have had the chance to explore more of the area of Anthem and the wonders it beholds.

I did an article a few weeks back about the VIP and Open demo, explaining my first initial thoughts on the game, link provided below.

I have now had the time to sit down with a couple of squadmates, and truly take in what the world of Anthem can supply. With EA having server issues over demo weekends, I did have a feeling that maybe there were going to expected issues this time around. This was not the case. The launch was a success in my books and I had no issues logging in to carry on after my initial 10-hour trail, courtesy of EA Access.

Campaign and Side Quests

Anthem is based around working within a squad to do quests, contracts and side activities as this gives you more opportunity to get better loot. If you are a person who prefers to go it alone, then in the menu system when selecting the mission, you can set your matchmaking setting to private. This is also where you can change the difficulty as well.

The campaign lasts for roughly 20+ hours or around about level 22 give or take. This doesn't sound like a lot but I am just talking aboutthe main campaign. Amongst the campaign, you get given plenty of side quests and contracts from NPC's around Fort Tarsis, which will tie you over to max your character out at level 30.

After this, your in what is called the 'End Game.' This means that, this is when the game really opens up but only if you are prepared to grind it out to get the top tier loot. There are 3 new difficulty modes that start at Grand Master l and go all the way to Grand Master lll. This is all aimed at javelins that have grinded out various events to get that top gear level.

So within the End Game material, there are new strongholds that open. These are your basic raid system, where a group of 4 of you go in and work through a set level to go against a big boss at the end. These do require some level of communication and Team Work to get through, so go in with a strong team and a strong load out.

You can also take up Legendary Contracts which reset daily. So make sure you pick them up also as there is a serious possibility to get high level loot.

About the game and Conclusion

Anthem has been in production for I believe to be 7 years (quote me if I am wrong.) There is so much to do within the game that will keep you busy and also keep you coming back for more.

The progression system is very rewarding with its different tiers of loot starting from Common to Legendary. You'll come to grips to know which weapons and attributes that come with it to suit your play style. This also goes down to which Javelin you choose as each is unique in each way and some can only use certain weapons and gear. This is where customisations come into their own.

The gameplay is very smooth and the team behind the game are actively listening to its fan base to push out patches to make the game the best it can be. This is a massive plus for me. The visuals and sounds mechanics work hand in hand, with depth of feel to the world and surroundings and the amazing sounds that truly grips you. Especially if you are wearing a headset.

My overall opinion is, Anthem is a game that stands on its own against other games in this genre. I think it's worth picking up and having a go as I am sure you will like what you do within the Anthem World.


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