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Finding Antique Mantel Clocks for Sale as a Hobby

Updated on August 1, 2013

There are many people who pursue obtaining antique mantel clocks as a hobby. Several people who have them got them whenever they were passed down through the family. Mantel clocks are a really popular furnishing in the homes of persons in the usa and more and more people are including antique mantel clocks to add charm in the home.

Many of these antique mantel clocks were made in the 1750's. Seth Thomas and Howard Miller were the pioneer companies in america. The ones manufactured in america were built from wood whilst the French ones were a lot more flashy and sometimes played melodies for over an hour. Dependent on a person's preference, they might try out either type of antique mantel clock.

So what other places are good to find an antique mantel clock? There are lots of spots to find them. Antique stores are a fantastic place to purchase one of these types of clocks. They sell them from coast to coast. Another option to finding them is using online auction marketplace websites such as Ebay. A lot of of these may require a little bit of care or repair mechanically, that is what it takes sometimes to possess a working antique. If someone wants to get one that still works, that can cost a little bit more. An individual can make sure these valuable collectibles are authentic by looking into serial numbers at the base of the clock.

Whether you're hoping to turn collecting antique mantel clocks towards a hobby or simply desire to add some charm to the family room, there are plenty available to fit your style. There are lots of web sites and antique stores to help you locate just what you need. Some people enjoy the process of finding the clock just as much as actually adding the clock to their mantel. Those are the individuals who collect them as a hobby.

Antique Mantel Clocks For Sale


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