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Apocalypse Formations Warhammer 40k List & Rules - Part 3

Updated on July 19, 2013
New Apocalypse Formation List and Rules
New Apocalypse Formation List and Rules


It's been a little time in coming, but I'm back with Part 3 of my Apocalypse Formations Review - List & Rules. Murphy, here, and I hope you've been enjoying the new Apocalypse information as much as I have. You can follow me on Twitter (@BenMurphy) to get instant updates on when I publish new articles!

In case you missed it, click the links below to read about the contents of the Apocalypse 40k book itself, or the previous Apocalypse Formations articles:

In this article, we will be covering the Necron Apocalypse Formations, the Ork Apocalypse Formations, and then I will finally get to the mighty Space Marine Apocalypse Formations. Let's get started!

Necron Apocalypse Formations
Necron Apocalypse Formations

Necron Apocalypse Formations

The Necrons are a robotic horde of uncaring machines that like to take people's lunch money. They have some very scary wargear and, when combined with a number of units and special rules, they make for an intimidating Apocalypse army.

Acquisition Phalanx:

  • Trazyn the Infinite
  • 5 Lychguard units
  • All models form as a single unit and are Fearless as long as Trazyn is still living (well, sort-of living. He's a robot). If 20+ models have dispersion fields, then all models in the formation have a 3+ invulnerable save.
  • Possibly gain a Strategic Victory point if Trazyn can touch the last spot that a destroyed enemy Formation last was.

Baleful Necropolis

  • 1 Tesseract Vault
  • 8 Monoliths
  • The Tesseract Vault gains a special shooting attack. Monoliths within 3" can contribute, which add 12" to the range for each Monolith. 24"+ Str Destroyer AP 1 Primary Weapon 1. Also, Monoliths within 3" of the Tesseract Vault get a 6+ invulnerable and It Will Not Die. The invulnerable gets better with the more Monoliths near by to a max of 4+.

Infinite Phalanx

  • 10 Necron Warrior units with no Dedicated Transports
  • Gain Fearless and Relentless. All units form into one giant unit for the battle and if there are more than 100 models, then it gains Fear. Reanimation protocols are passed on a 4+ if there are more than 100 models and on a 3+ if there are 150 models.

Necron Obelisk

  • 1 Necron Obelisk - a Super-heavy vehicle (skimmer)
  • This cool super-heavy is a sentry unit that wrecks havoc with Flyers!

Necron Tesseract Vault

  • 1 Necron Tesseract Vault - Super-heavy vehicle (skimmer)
  • Containing a powerful C'tan shard, this thing has several very powerful weapons and has some defense with the Living Metal rule.

Transcendent C'tan

  • 1 Transcendent C'tan - a gargantuan creature
  • This is a strange creature because it's not a very large model, but uses the gargantuan creature rules and has an amazing stat line. A full review is required to really show what this thing can do.
  • As a bonus, if you buy the Tesseract Vault kit, but use it as an Obelisk, you can then use the Transcendent C'tan model separately. This easily gives you around 1,000 points of Necrons for Apocalypse games.

War Council of Mandragora

  • Imotekh
  • Nemesor
  • Vanguard Obyron
  • Orikan
  • 1 Royal Court
  • 1 unit of Immortals
  • Roll on a chart for 3 special victory conditions. As you achieve them in order, you gain free Necron Strategic Assets. If you complete the last victory conditions. you gain d3 Strategic Victory Points.

Murphy's Take:

Dang. Have you ever read something about an army and wanted to start collecting it? I really like the Necron Apocalypse formations, just because they have really cool special rules. I will have to go into a more detailed review for their 3 new super-heavies, but even their other formations are very cool. I really like the secret objectives for Imotekh.

Ork Apocalypse Formations
Ork Apocalypse Formations

Ork Apocalypse Formations

Orks! Orks! Orks! The green tide just screams Apocalypse, with a horde of bodies and a battalion of clanky vehicles following behind or screaming out front. The rulebook states that you are more than welcome to chose Apocalypse Formations from other armies if you can suitably orkify the vehicles! Let's check them out.

Battlewagon Steamrolla Squad

  • 3-5 Battlewagons with Deff Rollas
  • If in a spearhead pattern, the vehicles can re-roll their deff rolla dice. Also, if in Broadsword pattern, all the vehicles gain a 4+ cover save to their front armor.

Burna-bommer Skwadron

  • 3-5 Burna-bommers
  • After making a bombing run they can leave a large blast marker in place as a raging inferno that is lethal terrain for the rest of the battle. If they hit an enemy unit and cause any Moral check, the enemy is -1 LD for each flyer in the formation.

Da Bully Boyz

  • 5 Warbosses (1 can be Ghazghkull)
  • 5 mobz of Nobs or Meganobz.
  • The formation gains Fearless and Feel No Pain. The supreme warboss can, once per game, call down an Asteroid Strike which is an Apocalypse Mega-blast 15" blast that starts at Str 10 AP 1.

Dread Mob

  • 2+ Deff Dreads
  • 2+ Killa Kan squadrons
  • Gain It Will Not Die. Roll on a random table at the start of the game and apply bonuses.

Gargantuan Squiggoth

  • 1 Gargantuan Squiggoth - which is a gargantuan creature
  • It's got a great stat line and can carry 20 models. Full review linked here when I have the time!


  • 1 Stompa - super-heavy walker
  • Who doesn't like a stompa? It has a bunch of stats and rules, so a full review will be linked here when I finish it!

Green Tide

  • 1 Warboss
  • 10 mobs of Ork Boyz with no dedicated transports
  • The entire formation forms one giant mob, sweeping up other ork mobs if they get too close. The formation may make a Waaagh move every turn.

Murphy's Take:

To be honest, the Ork formation special rules don't sound as deadly as some of the other armies, but I'm okay with that. I think the ork units on their own are dead 'ard and right killy with lots of chopp'n and 'dakka. Also, they have a Squigoth and a Stompa. I think they'll be good.

Which Apocalypse Formations are looking nice?

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Onward to Space Marines!

That covers the Necron Apocalypse Formations and the Ork Apocalypse Formations! I know it was a quick article, but both of these armies have a couple of super-heavies that are just too complicated to completely review in this little run down. I'm going to have to do a full write up of these super-heavies individually to get to all the good parts.

So what's next? Space Marines. That's right, everybody's favorite super soldiers! They have a whole host of Apocalypse Formations that will likely take up a whole article all on their own. Which will be the most interesting? A space marine battle company? Or a the new Masters of the Chapter Supreme Command Formation? Click below to find out:

It the mean time, why not take the poll above and tell the world what you really think? Also, any comments or suggestions are always welcome and can be posted below. If you are tired of Apocalypse or are patiently waiting for the next article, feel free to read any of my other 6th edition Warhammer 40k articles, some of which are linked to below:

As always, thanks for reading. Murphy Out!


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