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Aquementas the unchained rare spawn in world of warcraft Cataclysm

Updated on February 20, 2012

Aquementas the unchained

Aquementas the unchained is a rare spawn found in the Tanaris zone in Blizzard's online game World of Warcraft. It can now be found within a circle of stones located in the Lost Rigger Cove area of the Tanaris zone, the map below shows its location.

Aquementas is a water elemental creature and fights with water/ice based abilities such as frost shock, water bolt, geyser and wave crash. With around 3,300 hit points Aquementas is not a difficult rare spawn to overcome and drops a range of green magic items appropriate for its level.

Before cataclysm Aquementas was part of a quest chain imaginatively named "Aquementas" from Un'goro crater from J.D. Collie and Linken, it was necessary to summon him and kill him in order to gain the silver totem of Aquementas. This was used in a further quest to dispel the aura of Blazerunner. This quest chain was however removed in the cataclysm expansion.

Aquementas in action
Aquementas in action | Source
X marks the spot Aquementas is found at.
X marks the spot Aquementas is found at. | Source

Popular reference

Like many characters, quests, items in fact anything in World of Warcraft there is often a reference to a previous well know video game, movie or other popular culture. It is part of these "in" gags and references that help make World of Warcraft so popular. Here the name is very similar to another one.

It is generally believed that Aquementas is a reference to the first boss from the Legend of Zelda game from the old NES game whose name was Aquamentus, which older players of video games may recall. The entire previous quest chain was of course a parody of the Legend of Zelda game and also involved the NPC named Linken, the final reward was Linken's boomerang. Sadly in the cataclysm expansion this quest chain was removed with the alterations made to Un'goro crater.


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