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Arcade Wednesday - Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Updated on February 13, 2013
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition cover art
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition cover art | Source
You can tame wolves to have as pets, and even breed them thanks to the latest update!
You can tame wolves to have as pets, and even breed them thanks to the latest update! | Source

Minecrafthas been released onto the Xbox! This game is wonderful in letting your creativity blossom. You can make a home anywhere, even in a cave. You can encounter enemies such as Endermen, spiders, skeleton archers, and the famous, yet feared Creeper.

One of my favorite things to do is to play on creative mode with a few friends and working together on making houses and neighborhoods for friends that come to play with us. When I play, I usually have it set to Peaceful mode, so I do not have any creatures interrupting me or destroying my creations during the night. And while playing as Steve is great, the Xbox 360 Edition has skine packs featuring some of the noteable characters associated with Microsoft such as Master Chief and Covenant Elite from Halo, Marcus Fenix, Anya Stroud, Damon Baird, Cole Train, and a Locust Drone from Gears of War, and Mr. and Mrs. Splosionman from their respective games on the Xbox Live Arcade.

In the latest update to the game, you are now able to breed animals. Seeing the baby wolf with the tiny body and giant head is just so cute! You can also make potions and enchantments for your weapons, which I have yet to experiment with.

If everything that is great about this game were to be described in this hub, it would probably never end. This game is definitely worth checking out. You can get a free demo with the turorial, or download the full game from the Xbox Live Market place for 1600 Points ($20 US).


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    • Grab a Controller profile image

      Hannah 4 years ago from Largo, FL

      Thank you very much, Willsummerdreamer! This is actually one of my first hubs, and I thought that it was long forgotten haha

    • Willsummerdreamer profile image

      Will English. 4 years ago from Marietta, Georgia.

      I actually just downloaded this yesterday, and here I thought Skyrim held my attention hostage. lol. Good hub.