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ArcheAge Dewstone Plains aged cheese larder to Solis Headlands trade route reward guide

Updated on November 19, 2014

Dewstone Plains special trade route to Solis Headlands

In ArcheAge there are actually secret trade packs players can make on farms using a variety of in-game items. These special ArcheAge trade packs give around 50% more reward at the end of trade routes.

These secret trade packs count as if they were crafted from where they were "aged." That's right, with these optional trade packs players can earn up to 50% more gold from any ArcheAge trade route!

In the case of the Dewstone Plains to Solis Headlands trade route, the aged cheese larder trade packs give 25 charcoal stabilizers from a single trade pack! Players even get 26 charcoal stabilizers after the 5% interest bonus.

Video of evidence of the charcoal stabilizer reward

The pro trade route strategy

In this video, the player originally got the aged cheese larder trade pack from pirating a merchant schooner full of the packs with a half full PvP raid group. There were harpoon clippers and galleons too.

The merchant trading the aged cheese trade packs from Dewstone sure had the wrong idea about how to trade the route. This guy followed the shore of Cinderstone Moore while the region was in conflict! This made him an easy pirate target out on the not completely open seas.

The right way

To make the trade simple, just wait until after Cinderstone Moore goes to war. After a war there's a 2 hour peace period where players cannot attack each other, even out in the water, off of the shores.

It may take a while before peace happens on certain servers, but it would definitely would be worth it to not have to risk 21 rare and valuable ArcheAge aged cheese larder trade packs.

When this finally does happen, players can safely trade to two crowns for gold, or risk crossing the sea over to Solis from the safer, south side of Cinderstone Moore. Even with this considered however, it's still very dangerous to trade to Solis Headlands as a Nuian because Nuian characters can only be protected by the neutral guards and sentrys in Austera port, Solis Headlands. Enemy players cannot be attacked unless they attack first. This is a very dangerous destination for an aged cheese larder trade pack.

Charcoal stabilizer reward after the 5% interest

Be careful in the water

While the image above may be extremely aluring to trade for, be mindful that it's one of the more difficult ArcheAge intercontinental trade routes in the game. Turning in with a merchant boat at Solis Headlands would require either extraordinary timing, or an excellent merchant schooner crew.

Solis Headlands harbors a lot of Haranyan players of all levels. Unloading the boat before getting mauled is extremely difficult.

If a player manages to complete the Dewstone Plains aged cheese larder to Solis Headlands resource trade with a merchant boat then they're quite the powerful entity. Have any stories about stealing dewstone trade packs? Or anything like? Comment below and share with others.

For more trade route guides, crafting guides, etc. follow on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest. There are plenty more ArcheAge tricks and secrets out there.


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