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ArcheAge regal alchemy table crafting guide

Updated on November 15, 2014

ArcheAge regal alchemy table

Sometimes it's easy to get lost with the folio because of how many different items there are to craft in ArcheAge. In particular if anyone needs to know how to make a regal alchemy table, it's pretty simple.

Usually it only costs around 15-25 gold for a regal alchemy table, which in ArcheAge is pretty cheap. In fact, the regal alchemy table is the cheapest workbench players can make.

With a workbench like this players can then craft from the safety of their own home. Be mindful, PvP zones aren't necessarily a safe place to craft. Be sure to close the door of the house.

Regal alchemy table in the folio


In order to make the regal alchemy table, players need a few ingredients:

2x silver ingot

3x archeum ingot

1x regal alchemy table design

Players can get the ingots from mining and refining, or they can purchase them from the auction house. Archeum ingots are fairly expensive, they can vary from 2 to 5 gold, sometimes more. Silver ingots on the other hand are fairly cheap. Players can purchase silver ingots for fairly cheap on most ArcheAge servers.

Generally it's a good idea to purchase plenty of materials when they're cheap, especially when making multiple workbenches, like for a guild. These materials can vary wildly in price sometimes, so be aware of the market.

As for the regal alchemy table design, players can purchase these on a carpentry merchant's ninth page. These designs cost 10 gold each. This price never changes, which makes it a fairly simple item to get.

A regal alchemy table crafting video guide

A carpentry workbench

Carpentry workbench

After players gather all the ingredients, they need to find a carpentry workbench. Once found, players can find the regal alchemy table under carpentry, then "workbenches/stations." It should only take a few seconds to craft, then the workbench is ready to go! It will be placed in the players inventory where they can click it to place.

What about you?

Do you place workbenches and stations on top of your house or manor?

See results

Placing a regal alchemy table in ArcheAge

Players cannot place the alchemy table in the grass, anywhere. The only location players can place workbenches on the floor of a house, or on a gazebo. Players can also place workbenches on the roof of their house, if they have the right house design for it.

Leveling alchemy

When leveling alchemy, players should try to look at every craft available to them. Generally there are always some things to craft in bulk where players can buy the materials on market for less than they'll sell the end product for. Crafting like this varies wildly per server, but if players watch the market they can grind alchemy without using anything but labor.


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