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ArcheAge And What It Offers

Updated on August 28, 2014

The Sandbox

ArcheAge is a fantasy game with multiple races and classes to choose from, but it is mainly known for being a sandbox game. This means players can do whatever they wish in the game. This could include stealing from people, being pirates and causing havoc on the open sea, casually questing, or simply living in a home and raising a farm. This world has so many possibilities for its players, and this is drawing the attention of many.

Character Creation


There are two factions in the game, and choosing a particular race determines which continent a player will level and who their allies are.

Haranya Faction: Harani and Firran

Nuia Faction: Nuian and Elves

The factions interact with one another whenever an area is in a war, which happens often. These areas are generally level 30 and above, so low level players do not have to worry about having to enter PvP early in the game. They can also quest and learn the game in peace. If one wishes to travel to the other continents, he or she cannot communicate with the residents there because this game acknowledges the differences in the continents and gives different languages to the races. The Harani and Firran are able to communicate with each other, given they are in the same faction, and the Elves and Nui are able to communicate as well.

Although the races are not the most interesting when compared to other games, the character creation screen is pretty detailed, especially for a beta. Some players would say the Firran are the most interesting race since they are the 'cat people' who are wild with sharp claws for climbing trees quickly. In the character creation screen, players are given the options to customize the gender, facial features, hair, and makeup of their characters. The only feature missing is the body customization, but the creators may add this later.






The Class Combo System

In ArcheAge there are many different types of skills to choose to find the best play style that suits the player. Here are the choices:

  • Battlerage
  • Sorcery
  • Archery
  • Vitalism
  • Occultism
  • Shadowplay
  • Defense
  • Auramancy
  • Witchcraft
  • Songcraft

From this list of classes, one chooses three of which to play. From these combinations, players get a whole new class. The possibilities are vast, and if one of the classes does not exceed expectations, they can be changed at any time. The video to the right describes the system in detail.

A Vast World


The ArcheAge world is made up of different continents, and all feature vast amounts of land filled with towns and cities and safe zones for building houses and farms. For those who enjoy exploring, this world is a dream. This is a perk of a sandbox game. Those who like to explore will be pleased. The scenery is beautiful with some high mountains to sit and enjoy the view of the ocean or the white trees in the foggy White Arden. Most players were afraid of the quality of graphics for the game, but with the recent developments, the graphics have improved greatly.



With all the hostility between the two factions, ArcheAge would not be complete without raids. A raid party can have up to 50 players with one general. These take place in the areas where the factions are at war. This only happens at certain times and only last for a short time before a peace period begins and people can continue questing. War is even present in the sea, and great battles can occur on the islands between Nuia and Haranya.

But there are times for raids and times for peace. Some people do not honor these times and wish to kill people of their own faction, which is considered a high crime. However, there is a justice system to punish the people who wish to disturb the peaceful gaming of others, and they undergo a trial in which real players serve as the jury and determine the amount of time a player must spend in jail if he or she is guilty of the charges.

Players Can Escape Jail


Housing and Farming

Players can gather stone and lumber to build houses and claim farmland throughout different areas of the game. Along with building a house, one can take up carpentry and build furniture to decorate. Trees and different plants can be raised on a farm along with livestock. Players can have cows, ducks, chickens, geese, and even polar bears. Owning land means paying taxes, and there are tax certificates one uses in ArcheAge. There is also a drawback to housing and farming in this game. If anything is placed outside the edge of one's property, it is considered public and can be stolen or destroyed after so many hours of being protected.

There is an advantage to farming. Whenever specific materials are needed for crafting purposes, such as lumber or wool, these materials can be gathered easily. This is convenient versus buying materials from the auction house, which is where various items are sold for a specific price and can be very expensive depending on what is needed.



How else could the developers make this game cool? They give players gliders. This allows people to make a quick escape from enemies, if necessary. It also allows explorers to glide from the tips of mountains and enjoy flight. The gliders also offer various skills that can attack other players or monsters. There are various gliders available to players, and they can craft new ones with carpentry.



If players are able to sail across the sea, of course they will need a ship. There are various ships available to build with different capabilities. Some have cannons and harpoons, and others are able to sail at a high speed. Ships give players the ability to travel to the other continents. Players have to sail with caution because not all other ships seen on the sea are friendly. Most ships carry players who are hostile and looking to kill. There are also monsters in the sea like seabugs and level 50 jellyfish. This creates a problem for those using rowboats, but for ships at full speed, it is not an issue.

These are only some of the options ArcheAge provides for its players. There is still much to discover with more opportunities to play in the beta events. So far, the game has greatly improved from earlier developments, and it is headed in a great direction for an exciting game. There are great expectations for the release of the game.

What About You?

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    • Devin Meys profile image

      Devin 3 years ago from United States

      I got into the last CB event, really loved the game. This is a great overview for players looking into the game.