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Archeage Free to Play starter guide

Updated on November 25, 2014

How to become a patron for free in Archeage Online

Archeage Online guide to free to play.

One thing to understand about free to play accounts on Archeage Online is that they are the underdog in this game, they have so many restrictions to overcome that it could make you want to quit.

I started off as a free to play so am a bit more forgiving to these types of players. But there is a huge bias against players who are free to play in this game, they are consider scum of the server. Why? I don’t know…. Maybe I’s because people think they are not supporting the game, but they are.

If you are like me then you may like the challenges that free to play brings to this game, making it a bit harder, and for me that’s a good thing. Games have been so dumbed down for the western audience that I really do not enjoy them anymore, however Archeage has giving me some hope.

Let me start off by listing the limitations.

You cannot use the AH as a free to play, but do not feel down about this. It’s rather simple to start using the AH!

I started off with just focusing on leveling till I had 1000 Labor points, then mine some stone and sold it to buy an Auction house license. You may ask, well if I can use the auction house how can I sell it?

Well like any game before Auctions house you had to manually go find a buyer. You still have access to the chat system so you can start by looking there.

You can still trade.

Or you can buy the credits, but that was not for me, I want to know I can access every aspect of this game as a free to play, and I have.

Another limit you’ll find yourself facing daily is Labor points.

I suggest keeping all your coin purses till you get patron status. Yes there might be items and silver in them, but everything you do in this game requires Labor points so you have to think before using them if you’re a f2p.

One way pass this problem is labor potions, called workmen compensation they have a 12 hour cool down and can be bought off the Auction house.

It’s more important to use your labor points on the highest paying jobs you can. The goal here is to make enough gold for the Ah license then enough gold to buy 2 apex’s of the auction house for patron status to remove these limits.

Mining stone Is the best thing you can spend labor points on as a free to play player at this time, everyone needs stone to build their houses.

IF you want you can try to snipe low bid items on the Ah and resale them, but that can lead to a lot of wasted time. Instead I would focus on leveling to at least 30 while trying to spend the least amount of labor.

At this time you should have enough gold from questing for an Auction house pass, and can then sell your stone on the Ah for a good profit, rinse and repeat a few days and you should have the gold for a patron status account.

Free to play cannot own land.

That’s right as a free to play you are forced into guerrilla farming in the wild. Where anyone can take your bounty.

One of the best ways to avoid being stolen from is to watch over your plants, and even then they still might take them from you while you are standing there helpless.

What I found was to plant tons of barley and other quick growing plants and watch over them like a hawk till they are done and sell your bounty.

Free to play does not regenerate Labor points offline, people are getting around this by using razer keyboard or g15 and g110 keyboards, any keyboard/mouse to can assign a macro to will stop you from being afk out. Is this allowed who knows, but can you do it sure…

You get 60 labor per hour as a free to play and 120 as a patron. So free to play are kind forced to do this if they want to progress at a reasonable rate.

One of the best ways to become patron is to just level straight to max level takes about 40 hours of solid game grinding. Use the LP to open every coin purse and to buy an item from the general merchant to break down every item drop you find. You’ll need all the dusts you can get your hands onto.

At this point you should have enough gold for 2 apex and become patron.

These are the main restrictions I think are worth mentioning because these are the ones that make it hard on free to play players.

There are plenty of ways to gather gold but only one doesn’t cost labor points and that’s questing to gain gold to play the auction house. However you still need to buy an auction house license to place items on the AH.

If you put the time in and are smart about spending your labor points you should be able to get patron status in the first week or two depending on how much you play.

I hope this has helped some free to play players on their quest to become a patron!



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